Zombie World Z Successfully Raised Nearly $ 2 Million, Where Virtual Reality, Gaming And Crypto Meet


As the world of GameFi seems to encourage the right mix of play for fun and creativity while making financially reasonable decisions, this leads to a question: what if we combine the fascinating features of GameFi with the concept of “Metaverse” in the same project, and could it generate a particularly favorable outcome?

Zombie World Z, the pioneering game applying Metaverse combining virtual reality that demonstrates the creative, entertaining and sophisticated virtual world, could be one of the best examples besides being one of the best blockchain VR games by 2022.

Could not forget to leave out an impressive performance of the project, that he managed to bring together $ 2 million on the private tour.

Zombie World Z – Exciting gameplay with desirable metaverse components

Being one of the pioneering games applying Metaverse combining virtual reality (VR), Zombie World Z aims for a discount game economy with play to win. Upgrade and development to a 3D blockchain game based on the 2D game available on the App Store and CHPlay which has achieved Zombie Idle Defense success and millions of downloads in the market.

Zombie World Z belongs to the familiar arcade game genre, which can appeal to all ages and genders. Players can play on both iOS and Android platforms. Along with upgrading PVP and PVE modes, the exchange and connection between players around the world will expand. It is a playground for those who are both passionate about investing and drawn to game mechanics. Players can earn assets while playing games. These assets are tradable within the gaming community and converted into real money.

To create an open economy for players, Zombie World Z allows players to freely buy, sell weapons, NFT pets, and earn profit, helping to build more advanced items. The official currency of the Zombie World Z ecosystem would be the ZWZ. Zombie World Z guarantees that the market will be completely safe and transparent, transactions will run smoothly and avoid destructive activity by bad factors.

Dedicated funders with the ambition to enter a new era for the Blockchain gaming industry

Following the booming trend, Zombie World Z, with gameplay adopting Metaverse, would deliver realistic experiences and eye-catching graphics closer to gamers in Q1 2022.

Several renowned investors and partners such as BSCStation, followed by SPARK DC, Onebit Ventures, Basics capital, X21, ZBS Capital, Top7ico, Kingdomstarter, TITAN Ventures, VBC ventures, BSC.NEWS, CRYPTORANK, Tokensuite, TCVN, GAGARIN CRYPTO, Cryptofamily, JLAUNCHPAD, G. Crypto, Daku supported the vision and ambition of Zombie World Z. The game is defined by BCS Station – full stack decentralized finance (Defi) on Binance Smart Chain and a strong Defi platform.

The exceptional fundraising of $ 1 million of two popular venture capital firms called: BSC Station and Onebit Ventures are not to be underestimated.

The above-mentioned investors certainly have high expectations for the project, while also supporting Zombie World Z to achieve remarkable milestones in the most efficient and amazing way possible.

About the Zombie World Z team

Zombie World Z with a team of professional developers and experienced advisers for over 10 years. Mr. Steve van – CEO & Co-Founder, while studying a Masters program at Ulsan University in Korea, Steve van also took an interest in the cryptocurrency market and gambling to win. Taking inspiration from the zombie movies and the hero defense game in Warcraft 3, Steve created the world’s first 2D and 3D metaverse game called Zombie World Z which is built on the blockchain of the BCS platform.

Besides M. Steve van, the team is also supported and led by experienced staff in the project. This is Mr. Jully – COO / co-founder, Mr. Bruce lee – CTO / Co-founder, Mme. Jera Chen – CMO, Advisor M. Scofied – Founder BSCStation, Advisor M. Dennis – Co-founder Onebit Ventures Bui, Ms. Jin ng – Game designer, Mr. Binh pham – UI / UX Designer, Mr. Vincent – Full-stack Developer, Mr. Thomas – FE Developer, Mr. David – Blockchain Expert. The team put a lot of effort into building the virtual world to provide players with outstanding graphics, interesting gameplay, and vibrant socializing dynamics.


If you like games with spooky themes, don’t even miss Zombie World Z’s engaging features which include advanced augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

At December 15, ZWZ IDO will be held on BSCS station and ZWZ’s first IGO will be held on KDG, the community’s most anticipated IDO and IGO event.

To join the community and learn more about Zombie World, please visit the following links:

Website: https://zombieworldz.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZWZ_Officiel
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/zombieworldz
Telegram: https://t.me/zombieworldz
Youtube: shorturl.at/osCJX
Average: https://zombieworldz.medium.com
TIC Tac: https://www.tiktok.com/@zombieworldz.official
Sub-stack: https://zombieworldz.substack.com

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