Zepellin: the Provably Fair slot machine from Gamingtec and BetSolutions

Up-and-coming casino game developer known for HTML5 and mobile-friendly titles loaded with multipliers and free spins, BetSolutionspartnered with a prestigious supplier gamingtec to launch a new slot machine with proven fairness. The game is called Zeppelin and offers a unique cloud gaming experience. With live chat, useful real-time game stats, and dynamic gameplay, the game is expected to reach thousands of new players and become a hit for the developer.

No reels, no paylines, no symbols

Zeppelin is not what you would normally expect from a new slot release on the market. On the contrary, the game that will join Gamingtec’s impressive selection of over 10,000 slots, live dealer and table games does not contain any of the usual gaming elements that you might be used to seeing. Namely, there are no paylines, reels, rows or game symbols to watch out for. Instead, players must watch the airship fly across the screen and do their best to grab the jackpot before it disappears into thin air with a spectacular explosion.

The game features an ascending curve that players familiar with the Aviator slot can recognize. The game is incredibly dynamic, responsive and engaging to play, with its user-friendly features and multiplayer game alternative for more online fun.

Join hundreds of online Zepellin players

Apart from some spectacular options like live game stats and live in-game chat options, Zeppelin comes with another unique feature. It allows gamers to join hundreds of other online gamers by simply logging into the website. Therefore, the game is a crash-style social game available in multiplayer mode that you may be familiar with in a variety of crypto-enabled casinos. The new version is also a game with proven fairness. This means that it relies on popular blockchain technology which makes it completely transparent and fair for players who can check the fairness of all their bets in real time.

How to play Zeppelin

As a player, you’ll need to focus on placing your bet within a certain amount of time as you watch an airship take off and soar through the clouds while hitting a series of multipliers on its way. You will be allowed to place one or two bets simultaneously. Then your main concern will be cashing in before the impending zeppelin explosion. To do this, you will have to watch the zeppelin fly higher and higher, while keeping an eye on the coefficient displayed on the screen.

Players can cash out at any time and collect their original bet amount multiplied by the exact coefficient shown on the screen while the zeppelin is still in the sky. If the zeppelin explodes before cashing in, players lose the bet.

Gamingtec CEO Sapar Karyagdyev called the game a “really engaging and clever little game” capable of unleashing “massive excitement”. He also hailed the new partnership with BetSolutions, a “proven innovator” in the industry, while looking forward to new ideas from them. In mid-March, Gamingtec added 70 BGaming games to its impressive portfolio.

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