Yu Gi Oh! Master Duel reaches 4 million downloads in a week and begins mobile rollout

Yu Gi Oh! Stealth Duel Master launched last week, and it’s doing very well; Konami announced that the game had reached over four million downloads across all platforms in just seven days.

Making the most of its popularity, mobile versions of the game are now starting to launch in select regions on iOS and Android.

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In a tweet posted on the official Yu-Gi-Oh! Europe Twitter, it was announced that Master Duel had reached four million downloads since its launch on January 19. The game is a more faithful adaptation of the TCG than the previous Yu-Gi-Oh! games, hoping to rival Pokemon TCG Live and Magic The Gathering Arena by offering a large card pool and an extensive single-player mode. Considering it was launched out of the blue with no prior release announcement, four million are ridiculously Impressive.


However, one thing that didn’t come in this launch was the mobile versions. Although it was announced for iOS and Android before, last week’s stealth release was only for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Switch, and PC. Luckily, the wait for mobile isn’t going to be too long – in fact, it launched in select regions yesterday (January 27).

Algeria, Austria, Brazil, Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Switzerland and Turkey have all received the game on the iOS and Google App Store Play yesterday. Like all other platforms, the mobile versions are fully compatible with others, allowing you to access your decks, cards, ranks and more, regardless of platforms. Although Konami didn’t outline the release plan for other regions, it said it “will be launched in other countries soon.”

Having played quite a bit of Master Duel last week, it’s safe to say that this is the best Yu-Gi-Oh! game never released. It feels complete and true to the TCG, rather than punching the anime and manga like Legacy of the Duelist and Duel Links do – there’s not even a Yugiboy in sight, which gives the game some cards the opportunity to shine. The economy is much more generous than similar games, thanks to the single-player mode giving a parcel gifts, while allowing you to deconstruct cards to make change.

Yu Gi Oh! is still a complicated game, but Master Duel is the best chance you can have to get into it.

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