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Cyber ​​Monday is a great time to purchase newly launched Xbox exclusives like Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 or get a discount on Xbox Game Pass, the


-Style game service with over 10 million subscribers.

Buying the new Xbox Series X / S consoles remains difficult, but there are still plenty of offers to take advantage of. Fortunately, Microsoft is making it easy to upgrade from the Xbox One version of the games to the next-gen Xbox Series version, so you can keep building your collection until it’s time to upgrade. Xbox controllers and accessories, like wireless headsets, also work between Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles.

Below we have collected the best

Cyber ​​monday

offers on Xbox games, memberships, and accessories that you can still enjoy.

Here are the best Xbox deals for Cyber ​​Monday 2021

The latest iteration of Ubisoft’s open-world first-person shooter unleashes gamers on a Caribbean island in an attempt to overthrow a dictator’s regime played by actor Giancarlo Esposito, from “Breaking Bad” and ” The Mandalorian “. The game also supports online cooperative play with another player.

Marvel’s latest foray into the video game universe is Guardians of the Galaxy, featuring an all-new story starring your favorite characters from the movie.

Cyber ​​Monday Deals on the Xbox Console

Two new Xbox consoles were released last year, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and they continue to be in high demand on Cyber ​​Monday. Xbox Series X consoles aren’t as rare as the PlayStation 5, but the stock continues to sell out quickly and sales have been limited online.

The $ 300 Xbox Series S is available fairly regularly from Microsoft, Best Buy, and other retailers, with no special purchase requirements.

While the aging Xbox One X may still outperform the Xbox Series S in some games when playing at


, the prices we see at retailers don’t justify buying it unless it’s less than $ 300. The Xbox One S is a bit too old to recommend buying at this point.

The Xbox Series S benefits from Xbox Game Pass, backward compatibility and robust online services from Microsoft, offering excellent value for money than the Xbox Series X. The S Series was the best-selling console in the world.

Black friday

2021 and will remain in stock on Cyber ​​Monday.

The Xbox Series X excels as a gaming console and entertainment hub with powerful hardware, a 4K Blu-ray player, and excellent app support. Note: The X Series remains sold out in most stores, but retailers are adding new inventory as they go.

Cyber ​​Monday Deals on Xbox Games

Tons of games are now on sale for various Xbox consoles. Please note, however, that several titles are also available on PlayStation systems. Make sure you select the correct console on the listing page for each game after clicking on our links.

Marvel’s latest foray into the video game universe is Guardians of the Galaxy, featuring an all-new story with your favorite characters from the movie.

“Madden NFL 22 ″ offers an impressive leap for PlayStation 5 owners, but don’t expect many changes to EA’s aging formula.

More Xbox deals and gift ideas

Xbox Game Pass gives subscribers access to hundreds of games, including proprietary Microsoft exclusives like Halo and Forza on the day they are released. For $ 10 per month, you can install dozens of games on your PC or Xbox.

The Ultimate version of Xbox Game Pass costs $ 15 per month and offers the ability to stream games to your phone, PC, or Xbox Series S / X without needing to install them first. Game Pass Ultimate also includes Xbox Live Gold, the service required to play most Xbox games online.

This means that someone who has a basic laptop or smartphone and no other gaming device can now stream dozens of Xbox games and play online with other people using Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Xbox Cyber ​​Monday FAQ

Will the latest Xbox consoles be available on Cyber ​​Monday?

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will continue to be in high demand throughout Cyber ​​Monday and the holiday season. The $ 300 Xbox Series S is readily available at Best Buy and GameStop, while the more powerful Xbox Series X remains sold out at most retailers.

What is the difference between Xbox consoles?

Microsoft has designed its latest Xbox consoles with two specific price and performance levels in mind. The $ 500 Xbox Series X is the most powerful Xbox ever and has twice the storage of the Xbox Series S. The $ 300 S Series doesn’t have a disc drive, which means you’ll have to commit to purchasing digital games or using subscriptions like Xbox Game Pass.

That said, the S series is still a great device and an overall upgrade over the Xbox One family of consoles.

More Cyber ​​Monday game deals

We’re also tracking offers for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles during Cyber ​​Monday, as well as coverage of GameStop’s Cyber ​​Monday sales.

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