Xbox fan won custom console but failed to claim it in time

They are easy to miss, but Xbox Frequently runs bundle deals featuring Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, or occasionally PC hardware. Fans can use their hard-earned Microsoft Rewards Points to earn entries in each raffle, although the winner is determined by the luck of the raffle. One Xbox fan managed to win, but failed to claim their prize on time, meaning they couldn’t take it home.

As reported by PureXbox, one Reddit user – whose name has been withheld to prevent potential leakage of personal information – managed to win the grand prize of a personalized customer. Far cry 6 Xbox Series X bundle in one of the sweepstakes, equivalent to a total prize with an MSRP value of $ 4,288.98. Unfortunately, while the Custom Console and additional loot looked great, they couldn’t keep them.


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While this could be seen as an old cosmic injustice, the Redditor lost the console because he never got around to claiming it. Typically, Microsoft Rewards will send emails confirming that the entrant has won the raffle, but the Redditor has not seen or responded to any of the emails. Because of this, they lost the Custom Console, a digital copy of Far Cry 6, a custom controller, a Samsung NEO QLED TV and more items.

Far Cry 6 Xbox

Obviously, the loss must sting. Not only are the chances that participants will win the raffle in the first place, but the package in question comes at a particularly high price. Moreover, it all stems from simply forgetting or neglecting to check an email inbox resulting in permanent loss of the package. Not to mention that there is no way to collect the pack, as it would have already been sent to another participant.

The raffle process can be long and complicated. There are a ton of legal hoops to go through with certain prizes, so it can take months to successfully claim anything. With how crowded email addresses can be these days, especially for those with aggressive spam filters, it’s no surprise that someone has lost one of the consoles completely.

If the Redditor is lucky, they will manage to purchase another custom Xbox Series X bundle in the future. There might not be so many freebies, as the bundle in question was particularly impressive, but who knows. Either way, anyone who enters to win a contest should keep a close eye on their regular and spam inboxes.

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