Why a Halo 5 PC port may never happen



Many fans have asked for Halo 5 to come to PC, but recent comments from 343 Industries on the series may indicate that will never happen.


With Infinite halo just around the corner, a recent leak suggested that a port of Halo 5 will also be released on PC in the near future. Currently, series fans can already play on each other Halo title on PC thanks to the PC port of Halo: The Master Chief Collection available on Steam and via Xbox Game Pass for PC. This has left PC gamers hoping for a port of Halo 5 so that they can discover the whole series on the platform.

However, developer 343 Industries took the floor to clarify that a Halo 5 PC the port is not planned. While these plans may change in the future, it seems unlikely that the developers will. It’s unfortunate for PC gamers who want to experience Halo 5, but more recent announcements regarding how 343 Industries will run the franchise in the future don’t seem to leave the possibility open.

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The end of seasonal content for Halo: The Master Chief Collection


The biggest announcement that casts doubt on a PC port of Halo 5 is this Halo: The Master Chief Collection will no longer receive updates with seasonal content. The recently announced Season 8 will be the last seasonal update that the Master Chief Collection will receive. Developer 343 Industries explained that this was done in order not to compete with the free online multiplayer portion of Infinite halo. The team also said it was a necessary move so that developers who were previously dedicated to updates can be released to work on other projects, like the seasonal updates planned for. Infinite halo.

The change to focus on Infinite halo makes sense, but it’s still disappointing for fans of The Master Chief collection as well as the players who hope to see Halo 5 on the platform as well. Portage Halo 5 to the PC would also create more competition for Infinite halo, and it seems unlikely that 343 Industries would be willing to devote the necessary resources to it if that would only harm their most recent version. The developers have however clarified that Halo: The Master Chief Collection will always receive updates from time to time to continue playing after Infinite halo released. These updates just won’t be as big or as frequent as fans have enjoyed in recent years.

How Halo 5 could still arrive on PC


These periodic updates also offer the possibility of Halo 5 coming to PC in the future. Since adding the game to the PC itself would further divide the player base from Halo multiplayer, developers can choose to add it to The Master Chief collection instead of grouping together all the players who are not playing Infinite halo in one place. If the developers are really worried about dividing the player base, it could also be that Halo 5 is added to The Master Chief collection as a new campaign only with multiplayer stuck on Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. This would allow PC gamers to experience all of the Halothe story of in a convenient package without further dividing those seeking a more modern multiplayer experience.

Halo 5 is currently available on Xbox One.

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