VIRTUAL Concert Wins Best Metaverse Performance at MTV Video Music Awards

For their groundbreaking in-game concert series in PUBG-Mobile X Blackpink Collab“The VIRTUAL”, Blackpink won the MTV Video Music Awards for Best metaverse performance. The incredible performance, which received 15.7 million views from viewers worldwide, triumphed over a shortlist of six of the world’s biggest celebrities and video gamers, including Ariana Grande in Fortnite, Charli XCX in Roblox and Justin Bieber in Wave. The MTV VMAs, which honor the best music videos of the year, will include a new category in 2022 called Best Metaverse Performance.

Blackpink has returned to PUBG Mobile with a special track and music video

The world was captivated by this unique audiovisual event which took place over two weekends in July. The introduction of a brand new special track, Ready For Love, as well as virtual performances of BLACKPINK’s greatest hits, were also showcased during the in-game event. Following the collaboration, a music video was released. was made, which has since been viewed more than 151 million times.

In ready for loveBlackpink members are transported to recognizable settings from the PUBG Mobile universe, including Erangel Island, the rainforest of Sanhok, the Miramar Desert, the ice fields of Vikendi, and a sea of ​​flowers in Livik.

Image via KRAFTON

In order to fully immerse viewers in the world of PUBG Mobile, the movie is embellished with popular gameplay components including airdrops, helmets, planes, and balls. The full music video for “Ready For Love” is now available to fans on the official YouTube pages of NOIRPINK and PUBG MOBILE.

The BLACKPINK X PUBG Mobile Special Track Ready For Love music video was released as part of the partnership and has now been monitored 146 million times since its launch. The video marks the first time BLACKPINK has appeared as an avatar for a music video and the first time PUBG Mobile has collaborated with artists on a music video featuring virtual footage.

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