Video Shows How Serious PS5 and Xbox Series X Console Scalping Issues Are

A new video highlights the severity of scalping issues as the PS5 and Xbox Series X cannot meet demand due to various supply issues.

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Current-gen consoles officially released in November 2020, but current-gen hasn’t even started for many fans. The PS5 and Xbox Series X are hard to find, and systems sell out instantly as soon as stock becomes available. Supply hasn’t been able to keep up with demand for over a year now, and it doesn’t look like current-gen consoles will hit store shelves anytime soon.

This lack of supply can be attributed to several reasons, with the current shortage of semiconductors being perhaps the main culprit. Many customers have no choice but to pay too much for these consoles. Scalping is a real problem, and it won’t be solved unless Sony and Microsoft significantly improve the offering. Now, a new video has appeared online that shows the extent of this problem.


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Posted on the PS4 subreddit, the video shows people standing in the road next to several PS5s. The camera pans left to show a vehicle filled with even more PS5 consoles. The PS4 slim model is also available, as well as a few Xbox consoles, but the seller only has a few quantities. This short 15 second clip shows everything there is to know about the scalping situation of these next generation machines.

As expected, the comments on the post are filled with angry customers. People have no kind words to share with scalpers, while some are urging fans not to buy from them. Other users claim that people have no choice but to buy current-gen consoles from scalpers. Some are surprised that retailers have allowed a seller access to so many systems, but resellers probably have ways to circumvent controls or warranties.

Fans have been waiting months to get their hands on current-gen consoles, and videos like this can be extremely disheartening. Unfortunately, Sony just can’t make more PS5s and had to cut its sales forecast in the recent financial report. The Xbox Series X faces the same problem, although the Xbox Series S is more readily available.

The scalping isn’t limited to the PS5 and Xbox Series X, as the latest graphics cards have encountered similar issues. Nvidia’s 3000-series GPUs are extremely hard to come by, and the trend may continue with each 4000-series launch. worsen inventory problems. Users even recommend others to buy a pre-built PC or gaming laptop instead of giving money to resellers.

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