Valorant Mobile Leaks – Everything We Know So Far

When Valorant hit the scene in 2020, it changed him forever. Valve now has a contender for the #1 spot for esports shooters. With incredible success and popularity, it was until Riot Games decided to enter the mobile shooter market with its flagship FPS.

Recently, Valorant mobile started testing in China. As happened the last time Riot ported one of its flagship products to mobile (Wild Rift), the plan is to slowly release the game to mobile-dominant regions like China, the Philippines, and SEA.

Naturally, leaks have started to appear from credible sources that sound too good to be wrong. With more and more major developers turning their attention to the mobile market, it’s easy to see why Riot is getting started. With the unprecedented success of franchises like Call of Duty and Pokemon previously shunned from mobile gaming, it’s time to take mobile gaming seriously.

Just as Wild Rift is a port of League of Legends, Valorant mobile will be a port of the great PC game, but significant changes are planned for the game.

See for yourself how huge the mobile market is; here is the latest collaboration between COD Mobile and none other than Snoop Dogg.

Valorant Mobile leaked testing

Riot Games

Is Valorant Mobile different from PC

At first glance, it might seem like Valorant Mobile isn’t all that different from the PC experience. And that’s kind of true since the game’s main mode and competitive aspect will still be the classic Search and Destroy experience.

However, Riot also plans to add more casual modes like Team Deathmatch and focus on them a bit more than PC. Other than that, it’s unclear what kind of gameplay and game mode changes are coming to Valorant mobile.

As of the leak, almost all Operators are available, so the game will likely release with the full roster.

Riot will likely differentiate between the two and release different skins from time to time. It is also assumed that the famous battle pass system will be heavily present in the game.

As with all Riot multiplayer games, ranked progression will be seasonal, and free rewards will be awarded to players who participate and reach a certain skill point.

Check out the gameplay leak for Valorant Mobile here:

Valiant Mobile Esports

It’s no secret – Riot is the biggest player in the esports industry. They have been attracting millions of viewers every week for years across all of their leagues. Almost every Riot multiplayer game has an esports scene.

Rest assured, Riot is now trying, once again, to “break” the esports scene but on mobile. With their other mobile title already familiarizing audiences with esports on the go, it’s only a matter of time before they announce leagues, tournaments and events.

The release of Valorant on PC and mobile has always been their plan. And it’s also clear that they already have all the esports plans already laid out.

Riot also likes to design and host everything itself. This is why this information will only come from them and no one else.

Although still very young, the mobile esports market has enormous potential. The (current) most important event of the year in mobile esports is the gloriously CoD Mobile World Championship.

Check out the Valorant mobile leaks in more detail here.

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