Updates for Cut the Rope Remastered, Asphalt 8+, LEGO Brawls, Solitaire Stories, and more – TouchArcade

Following this week’s new Apple Arcade release of Soccer Coach 2023 To touch () As the newest Apple Arcade Original, many games on the service received big updates today with Thanksgiving events and more. Although we usually have a new game released on Friday alongside updates, Soccer Coach 2023 Touch released earlier to coincide with launch on consoles, PC and mobile version. The first update of the week is Cut the Rope Remastered celebrating Thanksgiving with 9 new levels. This update comes after last month’s Anniversary Update. Asphalt 8+ allows you to earn more rewards for tasks to unlock a new currency to use on resources. The update also adds new cars, including the Ferrari F8 Turbo and the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio, as well as free gifts.

Fruit Ninja Classic+ brings new blade powers and six new blades alongside a Thanksgiving event that adds the turkey blade. This is only available until November 27. LEGO brawls adds a new free Brawl Pirate level, new emojis, Golden Anniversary content, and various improvements and fixes. Zookeeper World brings 12 new puzzle stages with the next set available November 20. This update also adds the billiards mini-game. The last notable update of the week is lonely stories get a new scenario set in the sky. This new story, Cosmos, presents the achievements of Heracles. The update also adds the Rolling Thunder limited time event. Once the updates have been made, check our threads for Asphalt 8+ here, LEGO brawls here, lonely stories here, Zookeeper World hereand Cut the Rope Remastered here. For all other things related to Apple Arcade, check out our dedicated Apple Arcade Forums to discuss the service and each included game here. What do you think of the games recently released by Apple?

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