Travel to the future with five futuristic racing games

For those who are tired of trivial car simulators and classic racing, we offer to dive into the amazingly beautiful and exciting world of racing with a futuristic setting, where competitions are held on unimaginable tracks with the racing equipment of the future, and of course in these galaxies there are no traffic rules or speed limits. We have compiled our top 5 races with futuristic graphics for PC users to soar to new worlds.

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  1. field of light

A futuristic racing game released on PC at the end of July 2018. It is a remarkable representative of racing simulations, which allows the player to try his hand at piloting an antigravity ship, traversing tangled tracks with many obstacles. Lightfield also features a host of stunning visual modes and unusual musical accompaniment, creating an atmospheric journey through the universe. Moreover, you can also download the Steam version called HYPER edition with new tracks and modes.


A high-octane combat race car equipped with heavy weapons and rolling at insane speeds – that’s exactly how GRIP can be described. Gameplay and game design were inspired by the iconic 90s Roll Cage series. There are currently 8 unique heavy racing cars that can withstand collisions with enemy cars and more than 20 tracks and arenas designed for various exciting game modes. Finally, there is an impressive selection of weapons to eliminate opponents during the race.

  1. Antigraviator

a futurist racing game with a third-person narrative. In Antigraviator, players could get behind the wheel of racing vehicles of the future and conquer a variety of tracks. Users can enjoy detailed car customization and great graphics at the same time. A particularly impressive element of the game is the detailed design of the racing tracks which create a 3D atmosphere. On each of the tracks there are power-ups that can be picked up in order to increase vehicle speed or set a trap for your rivals. The game also features a single player mode against opponents and a multiplayer mode to compete against other players.

  1. Distance

Distance is a dizzying arcade game in which you and your friends compete in futuristic car races, dodging laser beams, giant monsters and other obstacles. You will drive a unique supercar that can not only rush forward at breakneck speedbut also jump, turn and even fly.

  1. Daredevil

This is a racing game with a bit of a Star Wars vibe, where you sit at the helm of a spaceship and fight to escape pursuit by enemy ships like in the film. Thus, the only way to survive is to perform maneuvers on the car while collecting all the credit points along the way that allow you to escape the enemy. At the start of the game, only one spaceship is available, but with the collection of credits, you can access new ships and customize them to your liking. On top of that, you can buy and equip your ships with all kinds of boosters to improve their performance in future games.

If you haven’t decided where to start your journey in the galaxy of racing games, we recommend that you download them all and choose the one you like best when you’re done playing. Call your friends and dive into the atmosphere of the space galaxy together.

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