Tower of Fantasy announces 10-year account ban for illegal activities

Tower of Fantasy announced a heavy penalty for those involved in illegal activities, including cheating and interference with game resources and economic balance. Details of the punishment were announced on the official Tower of Fantasy website and on Twitter, indicating a 10 year ban for using an unfair method to earn in-game resources and mission rewards. Let’s check their ad details and see what their message is.

Players involved in illegal activities will face a 10-year ban and removal of accounts from the leaderboard

The announcement states that the game will punish players who use cheats to illegally obtain in-game resources, as well as players who use cheats in different game modes, such as past fantasy with a 10-year account ban.

The developers will also remove these accounts from the leaderboard after the release of version 1.5 update. As of September 7, Tower of Fantasy has banned 3371 accounts. The developers have assured that they will fight this long-term battle against cheating and ask for players’ cooperation in reporting cheating and abuse.

Image via infinite level

Tower of Fantasy, is the latest gacha title developed by Hotta studios and published by Infinite Level. The game was initially only available for the China region, but after huge popularity, the game went into closed beta testing and finally entered the global stage in August. Since the release, players have faced many different things.

Tower of Fantasy previously released a statement regarding the blatant cheating by players and took action against them. But despite this, the game still took off and the developers worked tirelessly to improve the game’s cheat storyline.

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