Top 10 new features in the upcoming 2.0 update

India Mobile Battlegrounds (BGMI) will celebrate his first birthday very soon. At the same time, the version 2.0 update knock on the door of the players, who will come PUBG-Mobile also. It is heard that the version 2.0 update will come to the May 13, 2022. With the release of the new version, players will enjoy many new and exciting features. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 new features of the PUBG Mobile or BGMI 2.0 update.

PUBG Mobile or BGMI 2.0 Update: Top 10 Features

1. Lynx AMR carbine

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A brand new automatic sniper rifle called the Ram Lynx will be introduced in the game. It will be the most powerful gun in BGMI. He can blow a Dacia sedan with only four balls. This gun will shoot .50 caliber cartridges, which will make this weapon more deadly. He can destroy the most powerful vehicle of the game, the BRDM with only nine balls. This sniper rifle will not have a bolt action, which will make the gun more versatile and agile. This gun will surely change the meta of the game.

2. New grenade animation

A brand new grenade animation will be introduced to players. In the current scenario, the grenade blasting animation is completely normal. But, in update 2.0, when a grenade explodes in the open field, some nearby grass and ground will also explode. This new animation will make the explosion scene more realistic.

3. New Shop UI

A simple new game shop user interface will be available in the BGMI version 2.0 update. Currently, the store UI is very messy and complicated. After the 2.0 update, players will surely find it simpler and cleaner. In the new UI, there won’t be different sections for outfits of different currencies. Everything will come in a mannered way.

4. Playground in Cheer Park

Key Features of PUBG Mobile BGMI 2.0
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PUBG Mobile or BGMI is known for its mini games in the park of joy and other recreation centers. Whether it’s a car race or a balloon shooting challenge, they never fail to amaze players. In the 2.0 update, a new minigame is coming to the joy park where players can play soccer or football with their friends. There will be a large playground and several balls to play. A new football field will appear on the Livik map also. Each time a player scores a goal, he will get store tokens. This will be a fun feature.

5. XT Upgrade Kit

XT Upgrade Kit
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XT upgrade kits will appear on the Livik map. Using these kits, players will be able to convert their weapons to XT weapons. Players can also purchase these kits from stores using Store Tokens. XT weapons are always better than normal weapons in terms of recoil control, stability, and spray control.

6. Lobby features

Lobby features
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From now on, players will be able to express their real feelings in-game. There will be several mood options available in this section. Players can select their options based on their mood in real life. He can be happy, sad or angry too. There will also be other lobby features, where players will get DND 2.0 and Stealth 2.0 features.

7. New Rarity

A new rarity called ‘Ultimate’ will appear in BGMI when updating to version 2.0. Currently, five rarities are available. These are the tastes of normal, uncommon, epic, legendary, and mythic. This new rarity will surely bring excitement to players.

8. Emergency pickup

Key Features of PUBG Mobile BGMI 2.0
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The long-awaited Emergency Pickup feature is finally coming to the game. Using this feature, players will be able to call in a supply plane that will transport them through cables. Players will be able to land anywhere on the map using this feature. It will be really useful to reach the safe zone and avoid enemies.

9. New collaborations

In the next update, BGMI and PUBG Mobile will collaborate with other brands such as Music groups Evangelion and BlackPink. In the Evangelion collaboration, players will get a new themed mode called the “Center Circle”. Alone 64 players will fight in this mode. This mode will be in the ranked section. In this mode, a giant mechanized character will roam the map of Erangel and protect its buildings by taking out alien technology.

10. RP Missions Tab

Key Features of PUBG Mobile BGMI 2.0
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From now on, players will be able to check their RP missions while playing a match. A new tab dedicated to RP missions has been added in the mini-map section. By clicking on it, players will be able to see their remaining royal pass mission and complete them easily. Currently, it is very difficult to check and memorize RP missions. Many players write down missions in their notebooks to counter this problem. This new system will surely make RP mission checks more convenient.

What do you think of the top 10 new features in the BGMI 2.0 update? Let us know in the comment section below!

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