Tips for catching a Zero Point Fish in the game

Fortnite is a fast action game of epic games which is based on battle royale configuration where 100 players are placed on a map where they must fight against each other to survive until the end and emerge victorious. The developers also continue to constantly add new challenges to Fortnite to keep players interested and engaged. This week zero point fish challenge is one of the challenges for Chapter 3 Season 3 and it might be difficult for players to find it on the huge map, so in this Fortnite guide, we are going to talk about how players can find and catch it.

Zero point fish in Fortnite

The Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Week 14 Challenge is called Zero Point Fish Challenge. In this challenge, players will need to collect or catch a zero point fish from various locations on the map. Catching it will give players a health boost as well as additional powers.

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The small description of the challenge reads: “have a little teleport in the air, like a treatwhich most certainly alludes to the powers that catching a fish could provide. Now let’s talk about where and how players can get their hands on a Zero Point Fish.

How to Acquire Zero Point Fish in Fortnite

Players can look in various locations such as Fishing Grounds and Freezers outside Gas Stations and at Points of Interest. It’s not guaranteed that every location will have a zero point fish, but these are the only places they can be found. Players should try to head for the nearest body of water when jumping from the Battle Bus. It is recommended to try to land on Loot Lake.

Fortnite Zero Point Fish Guide
Image via Epic Games

If anyone needs a fishing rod, they can look for it on a boat or on the edges of bodies of water in barrels. Once players get their hands on one, they can simply walk around the body of water and they will eventually catch a zero point fish. There are 5 different types of Zero Point Fish available for this challenge, each with different spawn locations, but all of them give the same amount of boost and perk, so it doesn’t matter which one players catch.

What is Zero Point Fish for in Fortnite

Eating the zero point fish will grant the player a 15 HP increase in their health and they will also gain the ability to teleport short distances when they click the jump button. This will be a great feature for quietly getting close to enemies and also for escaping storms, map traversal, and firefights. Increasing health and the ability to teleport can greatly influence the outcome of the match, so players should try to get their hands on as many fish as possible.

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