Time Crisis 3 is the greatest arcade game of all time

Oh the memories!

Time Crisis 3 is the best arcade video game in ALL THE TIME! The amount of hours and money I spent on this game is simply disgusting. My brother and I were begging my parents for $5 each and trying to see how far we could go to finish the story. There was only once in my life when me and my best friend were able to finally beat the entire game. It probably cost us around $40 (which was basically $1 million at the time). 8 years old) and took us almost an hour and a half.

The pedal introduced by Time Crisis was ahead of its time. Using the pedal to get out of cover and trying to light up enemies was absolutely thrilling. Lowkey felt like a workout at times.

The reason I bring this up today is that Billy Mitchell was in today’s episode Pardon My Take. With it, they had the Mount Rushmore of arcade video games:

Now, there are some absolute icons listed above. However, my goat was not listed!

This game and the Star Wars Battle Pod are probably my two favorite arcade games of all time.

I’m also a huge Pinball fan. I don’t think he gets the respect he deserves! Incredible 4th round value from Hank.

My future man cave needs all three. Maybe I’ll see if we can get some in the Gametime studio soon…

For Mount Rushmore, I think Billy Mitchell got away with it. He took all the OGs and bigs off the board. I love how Hank and Catcomm stuck to their true colors and went with their favorite, instead of just messing with what the vast majority would be okay with.

If you don’t know who Billy Mitchell is, he’s the greatest arcade video gamer of all time. He’s a villain in real life and I highly recommend you watch the documentary – The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. This is a story about the King Kong arcade game record. Billy lost the record to a guy named Steve Wiebe and did whatever it took to get it back…

Anyway, listen to today’s PMT because it’s another great interview and episode.

Plays Golden Tee Stool

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