This Splinter Cell-inspired game aims to bring back spies against mercenaries


I sometimes forget that several games in the Splinter Cell series had asymmetric multiplayer that stacked sneaky spies against muscular mercenaries. It’s a formula that has been tweaked and tweaked from game to game over the years, but the basics have remained the same.

Here’s what it looked like in Splinter Cell: Blacklist:

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a Splinter Cell game – Blacklist was it, back in 2013 – but an ongoing independent project called Specter aims to bring back that kind of multiplayer experience.

Developed by Symbiosis Games, Specter gets rid of Tom Clancy’s traps – the spies are an agency of unknown origin known as the Specters, while the mercenaries are an infamous big-budget private military company called Reapers – but the roots of the gameplay are almost impossible to ignore. And when in doubt, developer Fred Toms told IGN that the game is “heavily inspired by the glory days of our favorite franchise,” which is Splinter Cell.

Interestingly, Toms and his partner Jordan Crawford believe the pinnacle of spy versus mercenary gameplay is to be found in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, the third game in the series, saying that Blacklist “removed some of that slower-paced classic. , nail-biting experience that stealth games offered “by speeding up gameplay and making spies too dangerous.” But they also recognized that that kind of gameplay probably wouldn’t work today, so they’re trying to adapt accordingly.

“A lot of our fans remember Chaos Theory with rose-tinted glasses,” Toms said. “It’s an amazing game, even to this day, but we weren’t able to release it today. The whole experience needed a major overhaul to bring it up to modern standards. That approach was infused with it. in all aspects of Specter. We do, however, wear our inspirations on our sleeves a lot. “

Specter is slated for release on PC by the end of 2021 with three maps, two modes, and one training mission per side, with more content expected after release. Toms also said the team would be “absolutely happy” to add solo content if the game was successful enough, although “we don’t yet know what that would look like.”

Specter is available for a Wish List on Steam, and there’s a website with more you can dive into at As for Splinter Cell itself, the last time we checked Ubisoft was still shaking us mercilessly: it recently announced a partnership with Netflix to make a Splinter Cell animated series, but a new game is still a distant dream. Hey, but at least we can play Sam Fisher in Rainbow Six Siege, right?

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