This company wants to do to mobile games what Rihanna did to the beauty industry


ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, August 30, 2021 / – Girly Girls Games is launching “Girly Day”, a new fashion mobile game that will be available on Google Play and the App Store from September 7, 2021. The The game is aimed at girls 13 and under and features dark-skinned girls who aren’t just the “brown” versions of a main character.

The company’s ambition is to create games in which every girl is correctly represented in terms of skin color, outfits and hair textures. Rihanna had a similar vision when she launched Fenty Beauty, with the widest range of foundation shades starting with the deepest shades of brown. Fast forward, big beauty brands are now more inclusive in their product lines and Rihanna is a billionaire.

Unfortunately, fashion games on mobile still have a long way to go in terms of diversity and inclusion. A recent survey of the top 25 princess games on Google Play shows that only 3 featured a black or brunette girl on their game icon. None featured a girl of Asian descent. None had dark skin with tight curls.

Girly Girls Games aims to bridge this gap with their new game. Girly Day is a step towards more diversity, with over 20 natural hairstyles. This is an all-in-one nail spa, hair salon, makeup studio, and princess fashion game. Among other things, it gives players the chance to mix and match fashion pieces from all over the world, including Indian saris, British tea hats, African jewelry, and more.

As Sandhya Nankani noted in her article “Mind the Diversity Gap in Kid’s Digital Media”, “Our children have the right to interact with media that reflect the diversity that exists in our societies today”. As more companies like Girly Girls Games step up, this may soon become a reality.

About girls games for girls

The company was founded by a team of moms who decided to come together to create games that girls around the world would love to play. As they said, “Our games are creative outlets for girls to express themselves. We want them to have fun, dream big and reach their full potential. We believe that every girl should have the opportunity to dress a doll that looks like her, with clothes that she would like to wear on her own.

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