The top 10 PC games in September 2021


Just when we thought video games were making a comeback, we had another wave of delays last month. It’s completely understandable: unprecedented times and so on, etc. However, for you dear reader, that meant our August Best Games review was gutted almost as soon as it was posted.

There are a lot of great games coming out in September… at the time of writing. So can everyone stay as still as possible, please? It would be a shame if Kena was pushed again. I would really love to play this one. I would really like to play a lot of it, to be fair.

Everything is going as planned, you will have countless wonderful games to play over the next few weeks, but I know you are looking for the best of the best. So here are the top 10 video games coming to PC in September 2021… hopefully.

If you like animated pictures with words and music, you can watch the video above. But, if you prefer the text, read on.

Death Loop (September 14)

By whom? Arkane studios
Where can I receive it? To smoke
How much does it cost? £ 50 / € 60 / $ 60

The first looping game on this list – yes, there are two this month – comes from the people who brought you Prey and Dishonored, Arkane Studios. In Deathloop, you have to eliminate eight targets in a single day; if you don’t, the day begins again. One of your potential victims is also looking for blood. Whether controlled by players or by the AI, they will try to hunt you down while you are on a mission. Chances are, you won’t be an ordinary Ian Hitman when you first start out, but that’s okay because every loop is a chance to learn each person’s behaviors and schedule you need to. leave. And it gives you a chance to figure out how you are going to manipulate their plans. The developers have taken some of the supernatural elements from their previous games, meaning you’ll be slaying marks using familiar abilities like Dishonored’s Blink. But there are also a lot of weapons here, obviously. There’s a reason there’s so much buzz around Deathloop: it looks fantastic.

The artistic escape (September 9)

By whom? Beethoven and dinosaur
Where can I receive it? To smoke
How much does it cost? No prices listed at time of writing

You know a game has been in development for some time when a studio says it’s been working on it since the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Anyone who’s seen a few seconds of the game can tell it’s time well spent. The Artful Escape tells the story of a teenage guitarist exploring psychedelic and cosmic plains to determine what his stage character should be. It’s a 2D platformer, adventure game doll, and loads of rock opera. Oh! And Lena Headey and Carl Weathers are also somewhere here. I’m curious to see if this all translates into a must-play game in September, but the art style and soundtrack is enough to get me involved.

Life Is Strange: True Colors (September 10)

By whom? New Bridge
Where can I receive it? Steam | Humble
How much does it cost? £ 50 / € 60 / $ 60

The latest Life Is Strange game launches this month, promising the passionate exchanges and supernatural powers you’ve come to expect from the series. This time around, you play as a young lady called Alex in the quaint town of Colarado in Haven Springs. His special ability revolves around empathy: just by being close to another person, Alex can to feel their emotions. Admittedly not as bombastic as being able to go back in time, but these connections will allow you to get to the bottom of a mysterious death. I know some people love this series, but it’s been spotty at best for me. Developer Deck Nine said you’ll have more agency on your story in this one, so fingers crossed that means a more compelling narrative.

Lemnis Gate (September 28)

By whom? Ratloop Canada Games
Where can I receive it? Steam | Humble
How much does it cost? £ 12 / € 13 / $ 16

Like Deathloop, Lemnis Gate is an FPS with a time loop. Although it is a bit more difficult to summarize concisely. But let’s try anyway! So, you face other players in 1v1 or 2v2 matches – one is trying to destroy an objective, while the other is trying to defend it. However, this is not a direct shooting; it’s turn-based. The Attacker and Defender each have five attempts to send a Futuristic Soldier onto the field, each attempt lasting 25 seconds. When everyone has completed all of their turns, the 25-second loop will have 10 agents simultaneously performing player-defined actions. For example, if I use my first 25 seconds to destroy a large piece of important metal, then you can use your first 25 seconds to kill me before I destroy the aforementioned large metal. And it continues like this. Understood? Ish? It definitely looks like a game that will make more sense after playing a game or two. Of all the multiplayer first person shooters released this fall, Lemnis Gate is definitely the one that intrigues me the most.

Eastward (September 16)

By whom? Pixpil
Where can I receive it? Steam | GOG | Humble
How much does it cost? £ 20 / € 22 / $ 22

Katharine previously described Eastward as “Studio Ghibli Meets The Legend Of Zelda,” and even if you haven’t played it, you can see it for yourself from around 10 seconds of footage. In this RPG, you play as two different characters: Sam (a magical and enthusiastic young girl) and John (a gruff middle-aged man with a Vic and Bob-like love for hitting people over the head with a frying pan. fry). In order to solve puzzles and eliminate bad guys, you will trade between them, using each other’s powers. If it works as well as it sounds, Eastward could be one of the real winners this month.

Sand (September 23)

By whom? Hangars
Where can I receive it? Steam | Epic Games Shop | GOG | Humble
How much does it cost? No prices listed at time of writing

This magnificent open-world exploration game has been on the most anticipated lists for years now, and we will finally all be able to play it in just a few weeks. While the game is actually a coming-of-age tale where the eponymous Sable seeks his role in society, it’s also about the little stories you come across. Talking to NPCs and meeting points of interest seems as rewarding as anything else in the game. Plus, there’s a hoverbike here, and they’re always awesome. Hoping the end game lives up to the hype that has surrounded Sable since its announcement in 2018.

Lost to Random (September 10)

By whom? Zoink / Thunder
Where can I receive it? To smoke
How much does it cost? £ 25 / € 30 / $ 30

Yes, he has a name that sounds a bit wrong and reviews will be full of references to Tim Burton. Now that that’s settled, Lost In Random is a dark fairy tale about a little girl embarking on a journey to save her sister from a suitably evil queen. Random’s world isn’t the most friendly place – you might have guessed it by now – so this girl has brought her adorable six-sided die to help her fight off all the baddies she meets. While it looks like a simple action game at first, there is a bit more to the combat of this one. Thus, you will use your slingshot to knock down energy cubes from enemies; you then give those cubes to Dicey (I think we can all agree that’s a great name), who freezes time when rolled. This then allows you to play any of the cards you will accumulate while playing the game for maximum damage. The bomb card is my favorite. Simple but effective. Keep an eye out for Lost In Random: it could be a real sleeper kick.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits (September 21)

By whom? Embers Laboratory
Where can I receive it? Epic game store
How much does it cost? £ 32 / € 40 / $ 40

It’s no wonder that a few of Kena’s trailers felt like their own shorts: the developer started life as an animation studio. Regardless of their background, Ember Lab’s first game looks like my street: a third-person action-adventure with Horizon Zero Dawn-style combat, and a story that will likely end with the death of an animal from company or something. Oh no … I just figured out who’s going to die. There’s these little sooty dots in the game called The Rot, and I’m now terrified that they’re all super murdered by the time the credits roll. If so, at least these pretty drops will help you in exploration and combat before you go to the great fireplace in the sky. Regardless of any potential genocide, I’m really looking forward to this one.

Gamedec (September 16)

By whom? Anshar Studios
Where can I receive it? Steam | Epic Games Shop | GOG | Humble
How much does it cost? No prices listed at time of writing

Gamedec: It’s pretty much the perfect name for a detective video game, isn’t it? Although this isometric cyberpunk-themed RPG asks you to solve crimes in virtual worlds – look, it’s the 22nd century, go for it. By interviewing people of interest and investigating your surroundings, you can find out who did the wrong thing. In fact, this is the only path to the solution, as it is a text-rich, combat-free game. So many games of this ilk will either highlight an important piece of evidence or make the “correct” dialogue choice really obvious, but the blurb on Gamedec’s official site mentions that your choices have an impact on the world as well as on your character. So it looks like it will allow you to be a real detective in its own right. If so, I can’t wait to log in.

webbed (September 9)

By whom? Sbug games
Where can I receive it? Steam | GOG | Humble
How much does it cost? No prices listed at time of writing

I understand that a lot of people are afraid of spiders; my cry can be heard for miles every time I spot one of the man-eating bastards in the shower. If you’re terrified of eight-legged killers, don’t let that deter you from taking a look at Webbed. It’s almost as if the Council Of Arachnids have devised a strategy to change public perception through an incredibly cute 2D platformer. It seems to have worked too, because every time the developer posts a gif on their Twitter, the responses are filled with joy. As a spider woman who throws a web, your objective is to hunt down a stinging bird that is looking to have your guy for dinner. You will also come across a few bugs along the way that might help you in your rescue mission if you help them. This one is bursting with happiness and should be on your radar if it wasn’t already.

It’s a packed month. In addition to the 10 that I highlighted, there are Tales Of Arise, Lake, Get In The Car, Loser, Aragami 2 and even some Outer Wilds DLC. Whatever you end up playing in September, I hope you have a good time with it. But, say it: what new games, if any, are you looking forward to getting your hands on this month? Want to see if you can take out your targets quickly in Deathloop? Eager to be emotional Life Is Strange: True Colors? Or are you planning to check out what will definitely be Rena Mero’s favorite game of all time, Sable? Let us know in the comments.

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