The surprising amount Rick paid for a Ronald McDonald Head on Pawn Stars


Rick isn’t quite sure what to do with a vintage Ronald McDonald helium dispenser when someone brings it into the store. Some places would use it to fill balloons every time the kids celebrate their birthdays in the facility. Rick doesn’t know much about the article and if it’s worth the money, so he calls Chumlee, who reveals he worked at McDonald’s. He confirms that the object was, in fact, something used in restaurants and that there is a collectors market for McDonald’s memorabilia. After some back and forth, the two strike a deal to sell Ronald’s bust for $ 250.

It’s far from the most expensive deal ever on “Pawn Stars”, but they still managed to have fun with antiquity afterwards. Chumlee checks that the vending machine is still working, and he fills Rick’s office with balloons in the process. After more than a dozen seasons, it never gets old to watch Rick be about to pop a joint.

While a giant clown head might look odd, it’s far from the strangest McDonald’s collectible to come to the store. Season 18 had an episode where Corey bought a vintage Ronald McDonald cookie for $ 100. Corey thought he could get a good profit from it … but Chumlee ends up eating it first.

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