The official Formula 1 racing video game ‘F1 2021’ is now available on console and PC


Codemasters and Electronic Arts welcome players to the world of Formula 1 by F1 2021, now available on Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. The latest version of the prestigious F1 series features the teams, drivers and circuits of the 2021 FIA Formula 1 World Championship and introduces a brand new story mode, an extended Career mode with a two-player option and three new tracks, Portimão, Imola and Jeddah, available free to all players as post-launch content.

In anticipation of the Formula 1 BRITISH PIRELLI GRAND PRIZE which takes place this weekend, July 18, Codemasters have released new gameplay footage captured on Xbox Series X to allow viewers to familiarize themselves with the elite circuit of Silverstone on YouTube here.

In the new story mode, Braking Point, players experience the glamorous world of F1 as they move up the Formula 2 leaderboard to a coveted Formula 1 spot, reflecting real team dynamics and dramatic clashes with other drivers on the grid. Extended Career Mode introduces a two-player option allowing friends to play online together or choose opposing teams and compete against each other in synchronous racing sessions. Career mode also features a real-season start, which allows players to start their careers at any race of the season that has already taken place, adopting real-time driving and the builder’s stance from there. moment.

“The excitement around Formula 1 racing is really palpable this season and the launch of F1 2021 on current and next-gen consoles gives us the opportunity to bring players around the world to live their F1 dreams. are thrilled that players are stepping out into the world for themselves as they climb the ranks and race against their friends or foes for a chance to win it all, ”said Lee Mather, Game Director of Codemasters Franchise.

On new generation consoles, F1 2021 benefits from a visual enhancement including improved track models, textures and improved bodywork and tire damage models. Ray tracing enables photorealism in reruns, cutscenes, and photo mode. The Performance Mode option allows the game to run at over 60 frames per second on compatible hardware, and players on next-gen platforms will benefit from improved load times.

The benefits of the Digital Deluxe Edition include seven iconic F1 drivers for use in My Team, with exclusive personalization content, 18,000 PitCoins and the Braking Point content pack.

F1 2021 is rated E for everyone and is now available for $ 59.99.

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