The movie Super Mario Bros. features a ridiculously obscure Nintendo character


Sebastian Maniscalco reveals he lends his voice to the animated film Super Mario Bros. as Spike, a lesser-known Nintendo video game character.

Sebastian Maniscalco lends his voice to the cartoon Super Mario Bros. film as a character that many fans have probably never heard of.

The comedian / actor, whose credits include the Oscar winner for Best Picture Green book and 2019 Irish, spoke of the Super Mario Bros. film during an interview with Bert kreischer and revealed that he is voicing Mario and Luigi’s “boss”, Spike. A relatively obscure character by Nintendo standards, Spike is a construction foreman who comes from the video game. Demolition team.

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Demolition team released as an arcade game titled Vs. Demolition Team in 1984, then in play for Family Computer (Famicom) and Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) a year later. The games allow players to control either Mario or Luigi (or both in two-player mode) as they attempt to destroy a specific set of items in each level, with Spike attempting to disrupt their efforts by chasing them down or knocking them down in the lower areas. of the playing field.

The inclusion of Spike is one of the few details Nintendo has revealed about the super mario bros. film so far. Universal Pictures and Illumination announced the CG Project in 2018, Parisian Illumination Studio Mac Guff handling animation and Illumination CEO / Founder Chris Meledandri producing alongside Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Super Mario Bros. series of games. Beyond that, the film is reportedly targeting a theatrical release date of 2022.

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Nintendo’s earlier attempt to adapt Mario games for the big screen culminated in 1993 Super Mario Bros., a live-action movie that failed at the box office while earning bad reviews for its bizarre and confusing efforts to reimagine the original games. Although the film has become a cult fandom, its failure scared Nintendo to make another live adaptation of its games until 2019. Pokémon: Detective Pikachu movie.

Earlier this year, it emerged Nintendo had canceled plans for a live-action The Legend of Zelda series to Netflix after the news leaked in 2015, as well as other projects she was developing at the time (such as a claymation Star fox adaptation). Without any sign of Detective Pikachu 2, which leaves Illumination Super Mario Bros. as the only Nintendo film to make significant progress at this time.

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