The considerable influence of euros on entertainment and the media


Whenever there is a major tournament, the legacy extends far beyond the competition itself, as football fans around the world are touched by exposure to international football.

Even if your country is not doing well or has not even participated, you can be drawn to the action by following the exploits of the players in your club.

If your country is good at it, you will likely be overwhelmed with excitement as the tournament reaches the crucial milestones.

Inter presence at Euro 2020

After win the Serie A title for the first time in over a decade most Inter fans will now cheer on Italy. But many will also keep an eye on how their best players fare at the Euro – when they don’t check out the latest transfer rumors This is.

In total, eight Nerazzurri players have been called up for the Euro 2020 squads, with only Alessandro Bastoni and Nicolò Barella for Italy.

The other six were Stefan De Vrij (Netherlands), Milan Skriniar (Slovakia), Marcelo Brozovic (Croatia), Ivan Perisic (Croatia), Christian Eriksen (Denmark) and Romelu Lukaku (Belgium).

Some fared better than others on the pitch, while everyone in football was united in supporting Nerazzurri midfielder Christian Eriksen after his health crisis.

Only two Italian teams could boast of being more involved in the Euro than Inter, with Juventus having 12 representatives at the tournament and Atalanta having nine.

A total of 71 Serie A players from 16 different teams have been included in the Euro 2020 squads with four others selected in Serie B.

A tournament like no other

This edition of the Euro is unlike any other. With matches staged in 11 countries spread across the continent, it felt like a true celebration of football and a fitting occasion to mark the event’s 60th anniversary.

The relative success of the format has raised the question of whether future editions of the tournament could be organized in a similar fashion.

The biggest problem is that some teams may have an advantage playing at home or running shorter distances, but these are details that could be worked on if the format is used again. Overall the response has been positive.

Cultural impact of the tournament

The contagious nature of major football tournaments has a wide impact on the entertainment world, with the gaming and betting industries particularly appreciating the increased interest in their products and services.

Sweden may have suffered a premature exit from the flagship competition, but the country is still a big fan of online games with an influence from the euro or football in general.

Visitors to their online casino platforms and video slots sites are more likely to search for football-related games at major tournaments.

Topical games such as Euro Reels, hosted on sites such as the famous 888casino are especially popular with fans looking for a football-themed slot experience.

Beyond the world of online casino games, euros will also give a massive boost to the betting industry as more and more daily fans engage in tournament betting.

Many fans only play on flagship events. For example, in the UK, the Grand National horse race attracts a large number of bets from people who usually don’t bet.

This is also true for events such as Wimbledon as well as the World Cup and the Euros. They are even more likely to engage in betting if their favorite team or player is doing well in the competition.

Even fans who don’t bet at all can get involved via a professional draw or a fantasy league game at a big tournament.

Dust off the console for the enjoyment of Euro 2020

In addition to an increased interest in slot machine games at casino sites, traditional video console games are also very popular in tournaments.

Sales of games such as FIFA are boosted as fans seek to emulate the successes or failures of their favorite teams by taking on friends and family in their own competitions.

But it’s not just the regular players who play soccer games in these tournaments. All over Europe, consoles that may not have seen the light of day for months or years are being dusted off and turned on so friends and families can jump into some soccer action.

For real enthusiasts, the 2020 edition of the game Pro Evolution Soccer known as eFootball PES 2020 features a UEFA Euro 2020 tournament mode (via content update) featuring all 55 UEFA national teams as well as the official trophy and match ball.

Wembley Stadium and St Petersburg Stadium were also added to the game this year, with a total of five of the 11 official venues included.

Football media

In addition to turning to football-themed games, fans are also spending more time interacting with football media. Magazines with euro specials often benefit from increased sales and football’s social media accounts will seek to make the most of the increased traffic by promoting the competitions, conversations and engagement around matches.

It’s also a great time for the football media to reflect on past events and make the most of the football nostalgia craze that invariably accompanies big events.

For national TV networks and advertisers, big games attract huge audiences, which increases broadcasters’ revenues. Italy was one of the most impressive teams at this year’s tournament and the fans really got involved in their progress.

The country’s public service broadcaster RAI has reported a huge audience for its group stage matches with audience figures exceeding 13 million. In Germany, ZDF reported average viewing figures of 22.6 million viewers for their national team matches – an audience share of 67.4%, while the BBC also reported figures of over 20 million for England’s round of 16 victory over Germany according to the deadline.

The European Championship is a spectacle that lights up the summer for all football fans and the tournament’s influence goes far beyond most people imagine – and we just have to wait. three years for the next one.

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