The Complete Cargo Bot Guide and Tricks

Apex Legends Mobile has established itself as one of the best battle royale games on mobile. Apex Legends is free to play battle royale hero shooter developed by Spawn Entertainment and published by electronic arts. The game has many new features besides its Battle Royale genre. Our Apex Legends Mobile cargo bot guide will review these flying robots with goodies.

Cargo Bots in Apex Legends Mobile

Freight robots fly around the map carrying orbs that roam Blue, purple and gold colors. When downed, it will drop the orb, which contains loot appropriate to the color it had before it was downed. If the player shoots at the right time with gold color, the player will get legendary loot.

These robots will fly around the map and make noise whenever they are above the player. These can easily be taken down with 2-3 bullets and opened with 1-2 bullets or punches. Each color will be displayed for a limited time. Players must shoot the bot at the right time to get the legendary loot.

Image via Electronic Arts

Some cargo robots also give off red lights, indicating that they will drop a vault key. The bot deals a small amount of damage when it hits the ground. This is very important as it is one of the ways to open the safe, which has even more loot.

How to shoot a Cargo Bot in Apex Legends Mobile

Cargo bot is one of the best ways to easily collect legendary loot. Here are some tips for finding a cargo bot and getting the most out of it.

  • Always listen to the sound. The cargo bot makes a drone noise whenever it’s overhead. When you hear it, get ready with the gun.
  • Aim down sights before firing. Cargo bots go through different loot colors when aiming and shooting when the color changes to gold to get legendary loot.

The best way to get a vault is to always shoot the cargo bot with the red light containing the keys to the vault. This is one of the easiest ways to get a vault key.

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