The biggest news from the game of September 29, 2021


From triple A’s to Indie’s, there’s plenty of news reaching us today, including updates on titles like Spider-Man 2, Scorn, New World, and Halo Infinite.

The biggest news - 9_29

From triple A to Indie, there’s plenty of news reaching us today including updates on titles like Spider-Man 2, Scorn, New World, as well as news regarding the upcoming Halo Infinite beta.

Here are the biggest gaming news for September 29, 2021.

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Halo Infinite’s next multiplayer beta open to all Xbox insiders

infinite halo

343 Industries has announced that the next beta of Halo Infinite – which is scheduled to take place October 1-3 – will be open to all Xbox Insiders. Insiders will also receive an additional code that will allow them to invite a friend to play, whether that friend is an Insider or not.

Amazon’s New World becomes latest game to be criticized because too many people want to play it

Key New World Art

Amazon’s New World is apparently all everyone wants to play right now. If only they could …

Yu Gi Oh ! Reveals Battle Of Chaos, Its First TCG Base Booster Of 2022

Yu Gi Oh !  Ancient Battles Box

2022 is only three months away, and it looks like Yu-Gi-Oh! is already leaping into the new year after unveiling its first TCG base booster which will be released next February.

Pokemon: Legends Arceus includes an Arceus iPhone, just like the feudal era in Japan

pokemon legends arceus arc phone

via Pokémon

Pokemon Legends: Arceus includes a sleek piece of tech called Arc Phone that will help guide players through their journey.

Fortnite’s cave could be back, good news for Tfue and possibly others

fortnite cave

via FortniteIntel

The water line of what was once the entrance to the cave has dropped very slightly, leading some eagle-eyed Fortnite fans to believe that water might start to drain out of the area. .

Amazon’s New World “Quickly adding servers for each region” as day one peaks at 700,000 concurrent players

new world

via Amazon

It’s clear Amazon was not at all prepared for the interest in launching New World, so now they’re scrambling to add more servers to allow more players to actually play.

The movie Super Mario Bros. ’90s Live-Action is currently # 1 on Amazon

Super Mario Brothers

One of the very first live action video game films is currently seeing a major resurgence in viewership… and rightly so, as a great movie! (I will die on this hill.)

Contempt quietly delayed until 2022

Contempt postponed to 2022

Remember Scorn, the grotesque horror title originally announced in 2014? It has been delayed again and is expected to launch sometime in 2022.

NBA 2K Mobile Season 4 Adds New Courtside Pass, Updated Lists, and Limited Time Event

NBA 2K Mobile Season 4

Major changes are coming to NBA 2K Mobile with the arrival of Season 4.

Star Wars: the Book of Boba Fett starts airing in December

Boba Fett's Book - via Disney

Your year-end plans are now set, as Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett will begin airing on December 29, 2021 on Disney Plus.

“Bezos” and “Amazon” the two names banned on the new world

New World gameplay

“Bezos” and “Amazon” are names that can’t be used in the New World, and it’s probably for the best.

Spider-Man 2 will be Insomniac’s Marvel games empire strikes back

Spider-Man and Darth Vader

With that kind of comparison, expectations are at an all-time high for Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man sequel.Next: New World Players Discover Jeff Bezos Lookalike

god of war ragnarok thor

If you’re crazy about Thor from God of War Ragnarok, you don’t know a thing about mythology

People complain about the Thor from God of War Ragnarok because he’s fat. Guess what? The same was true of the real Thor from Norse mythology.

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