The best retro video games you can play on iOS and Android

The video game industry has grown rapidly over the years. With millions of titles in existence today, gamers are sure to find a game they will enjoy. However, despite the many modern titles released, retro games continue to thrive and remain popular among gamers. There’s just something about these old-school gems that gives us a sense of joy and comfort unlike what modern experiences can offer.

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Retro games didn’t need all the high quality graphics and long hours of gameplay to be enjoyed. Their simplicity and authenticity alone is what stands out – not to say that modern games aren’t as good. However, there are times when we just want to sit back and enjoy a title with simpler controls and mechanics that aren’t too overwhelming. Fortunately, there are several retro games available to play on our iOS and Android device.


seven streets of rage

Streets of Rage was one of Sega’s most popular game series of the 90s. It is set in a once peaceful and vibrant city now under the control of crime syndicates. With the city plagued by corrupt cops and politicians, fighting crime will be harder than expected.

There are three playable characters, Adam, Axel, and Blaze. Choose the character that best suits your fighting style and take on the criminal organization in the streets of rage. Take back the city and put an end to crime once and for all.

6 Snake ’97

Snake ’97 is definitely a blast from the past. Although this is just the remake of the original game, Snake, this is the most accurate version available and will surely take you back to the year 1997. It features a similar layout, matrix display and sounds originals.

The rules are simple: eat as many fruits as possible to earn points. However, the more points you get, the bigger your snake grows, making it harder to get around the little box you have to play in. Playing Snake ’97 is a fun way to pass the time, and you might not even realize you’ve beaten the high score while you’re at it.

5 Prince of Persia: Escape

Prince of Persia: Escape is based on the legendary classic action-adventure game series, Prince of Persia. However, Prince of Persia: Escape is an endless running game with no real storyline. The only objective of the player is to cross several obstacles, like dodging spikes, climbing walls and jumping from platform to platform, until you reach the end of the level.

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Use your running and parkour skills to reach the highest possible level and collect as many diamonds to customize and improve your character’s appearance.

4 Q*bert

Q*bert, the round-shaped orange creature with a long, tubular nose, was one of the most iconic video game characters of the 1980s, and remains iconic to this day.

In the Q*bert game, players start at the top of a pyramid and their objective is to change the color of all the steps of the pyramid cube to a single target color. Guide Q*bert down the pyramid while successfully completing the task. As you advance to higher levels, you will encounter more difficult obstacles, as well as opponents who will try to disrupt your progress. Solve puzzles, outwit enemies, and see how far your action-puzzle skills will take you.

3 crazy cab

Experience the craziest ride of your life playing the classic game, Crazy Taxi, another popular Sega series. Crazy Taxi was launched in 1999 and led to several sequels due to its huge success.

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The player assumes the role of a taxi driver, picks up passengers and drops them off at their destination. However, it is clear from the title of the game that this is no ordinary taxi ride. With a stopwatch, players are forced to drive in a fast and furious manner to reach the passenger’s destination in time, otherwise the passengers will get out of the vehicle without paying you any money.

To earn extra tricks, perform crazy stunts such as jumps and drifts, and do combos of those tricks. Familiarize yourself with the place and practice your driving skills to become the best taxi driver.

2 space invaders

The ultimate shooter, Space Invaders, was first released in 1978, making it one of the first shooters created, and even paved the way for titles in the genre to get to where they are today. today.

Your mission is to defend planet Earth from invading alien species. To do this, fire your cannon towards the enemies to prevent them from reaching the ground and taking over your planet Earth. You have three chances to take out all the aliens, so make them count.

1 Pac man

Pac-Man has been the most successful arcade game since its launch in the 1980s. It’s a game that has everyone hooked. Whether you think of Pac-Man as a round pizza with a missing slice, a wheel of cheese, a fortune cookie, or a hockey puck, his character appeals to everyone. The reason he’s the first and most iconic video game mascot.

Due to its simple yet addictive gameplay, Pac-Man has gained such popularity. In this retro game, players have to maneuver through the various retro mazes and snack on as many snack pellets, while avoiding the ghost gang that is out to get this character. Get swept up in Pac-Man’s maze adventure and strive for the highest score possible.

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