Techland asks Dying Light 2 fans not to play the game sooner, please

Dying Light 2 should go live in a few days, February 4 to be precise. But, as sometimes happens, it looks like retail copies started dying out early. Developer Techland said on Twitter that they appreciate the excitement, but really wish everyone could refrain from playing it until the game is released.

“Fellow survivors, we see that some of you had access to retail copies of Dying Light 2 before the release date (it’s this Friday, only 3 days left!),” the studio wrote. “We understand you want to start exploring the city as soon as possible and we couldn’t be happier!”

“That being said, we kindly ask that you wait until February 4, because at that time you will also have access to all the improvements and fixes that we have implemented over the past few weeks and that we will introduce. with the Day 1 Patch. This is the way to experience Dying Light 2 as it was meant to be played.”

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Advocacy might work if it was BioShock – would you just play something else until the weekend? — but I suspect Techland’s request probably won’t be considered by most. If someone gives you the game you’ve been waiting for months (or years) a few days before you’re supposed to, chances are you’re not going to sit on it just because the developers are asking nicely, aren’t they?

It’s unclear how widespread the problem is or on what platforms, though the images I’ve seen on Reddit are for console editions – which isn’t surprising, really, given that consoles are still far more retail dependent than PCs. As to how it happened, Techland hasn’t commented, but I guess that’s an honest mistake. Overworked and underpaid retail workers have a lot to do, and from experience I can tell you that it’s easier than you think to miss a “do not sell until” label on a plain little box. , especially if that box is jammed with a stack of other boxes you’re supposed to put on the shelves before the end of your day.

But Techland’s request that players lock down until Friday has prompted some interesting responses: some players are urging the studio to just release the game now, but others are asking – reasonably, I think – how critics and influencers are supposed to present Dying Light 2 “the way it’s supposed to be played” if they don’t have access to the day one patch themselves.

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I have contacted Techland for further clarity on this and will update if I receive a response. In the meantime, February 4 remains the official launch date for Dying Light 2, and our own review of the game is coming soon.

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