Steam Sets New Concurrent User Record – Who Said PC Gaming Is Dead? …

Despite the fact that PC gaming has certainly not been easy over the past 12 months (largely due to component shortages and inflated prices), I still have to laugh a little when I hear the suggestion that the platform is dying. I mean, we all know that’s not the case, but every once in a while someone doesn’t care about the “superiority” of console games and, wrongly, assumes the huge sales in those games. sectors seem to mean that PC owners are abandoning their systems in favor of the much more “convenient” option.

They are not, of course. It’s just the fact that we PC gamers have the advantage of saying “why not both?” “.

Just adding to the fact that PC gaming is on the rise, however, following the latest figures provided by SteamDB, if you were logged into the platform yesterday afternoon around 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. then congratulations you are officially a part of their last save!

Steam Sets New Concurrent User Record!

Yes, yesterday afternoon Steam just set a whole new record by having 27,182,165 people logged into their service at the same time. Now, of course, not everyone was playing. In fact, the numbers in this regard show that only about a third of the total number actually played anything. – The extremely steady growth seen over the past 10 years, however, has now apparently resulted in more people having Steam on their PC (or laptop) than ever before!


Poor PC Power Doesn’t Equate Less Enthusiasm

Now, of course, a lot of us are on our knees right now begging for a brand new graphics card or a whole new processor. The numbers seem to suggest, however, that we are still willing to persevere and stick to our beloved platform, even though times are undoubtedly tough.

However, given that I was logged into Steam yesterday afternoon, I’m slightly happy that I was able, once again, to point out that the PC Master Race will never die!

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