Sony changes the PlayStation Mobile brand to PlayStation PC


God of War will now arrive on Steam thanks to PlayStation PC LLC.

Playstation pc

With the arrival of God of War on Steam, gamers around the world discovered PlayStation Mobile as Sony’s PC game publisher. It didn’t really seem appropriate to anyone, given how antithetical mobile games are to PC, so Sony rebranded its PC publishing arm to be PlayStation PC LLC.

This is courtesy of VGC, who checked with the Corporation Wiki to find that Sony had registered PlayStation PC in April. The name will likely be attached to all future Sony PC ports, with Days Gone already listing PlayStation PC as its publisher, although Horizon Zero Dawn still lists PlayStation Mobile for now.

Earlier this year, PlayStation Director Jim Ryan revealed that a “slew” of Sony titles will eventually hit PC. “There is an opportunity to expose these great games to a larger audience and to recognize the economics of game development, which are not always straightforward,” Ryan said. “The cost of making games increases with each cycle, as the caliber of IP has improved. Plus, our ease of making it available to non-console owners has increased. So it is. a fairly straightforward decision for us to make. ”

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Several Sony exclusives have already been ported to PC, such as Detroit: Become Human, Nioh 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn. God of War recently received a Steam release date of January 2022, while Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy were both confirmed for PC early next year. Sackboy: A Big Adventure also recently appeared on SteamDB as a new roster, but Sony has yet to make an official announcement.

Nixxes, who recently joined Sony with the explicit mission of transferring IP from console to PC, will help Sony get more of its library to PC.

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