Sony announces contest for free PS5 consoles

Sony has announced a special contest that will eventually give away PS5 consoles for free. Specifically, Sony announced “Treat Codes,” which, without context, is nothing more than gibberish straight out of a marketing room. The context, however, is that starting this week, 14 unique codes that look like PlayStation controller inputs are now popping up online, on social media, and even in “unexpected” places around the world, like “high-end events.” level” which involve sports, games, movies and music.

What are these codes for? Well, they don’t automatically give you a PS5 console, but rather “offer you the chance to enter and win a PS5 console”, and as PlayStation points out, that means “finding each code will give you 14 opportunities to enter in the contest.”

Once you’ve found a code, you’ll need to enter it on the Treat Codes page on the official PlayStation website after signing up. That’s not all. You must then compete to win by answering a question. It is unclear what the questions are or whether to answer them correctly.

The contest is due to expire on March 7. We don’t know when the PS5 consoles will be distributed and we don’t know how many will be distributed.

“Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks as not all codes will be available at once. The more codes you find, the more opportunities you will have to enter and win,” Sony says, before offering a “hint” for “watch creator channels that stream PlayStation titles” this week.

As always, as more important information comes to light, we will provide that information to you. In the meantime, for additional specific information and relevant links, check out the PlayStation Blog for the announcement.

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