Someone Modified Fisher-Price Game Controller To Work On PC And Played With Elden Ring

Rudeism on Twitter modified the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Game & Learn controller to actually work on PC, and they even played Elden Ring with it.

Rudeism shared footage of Elden Ring being played with the Fisher-Price toy, which he effectively transformed into an Xbox controller. He also talked a bit about how he modified the controller while leaving many of the toy’s original sounds intact.

One of the biggest challenges was the fact that the controller doesn’t have a right analog stick. To work around this problem, Rudeism used the mode switch on the controller which changes the mode from music to numbers.

When you switch modes, it changes the left stick to the right stick. It also changes some of the face buttons to perform different actions as well. The joystick even depresses like it would on a normal Xbox controller. There are two bumpers on top – one with a wheel and one that acts as a sort of light switch – and they represent LB/LT and RB/RT.

This project was inspired by a “offhand joke” that Wario64 tweeted on April 15. He shared a link to a discounted Fisher-Price controller and said it was “perfect for Elden Ring”.

Speaking to IGN, Rudeism said it was “a super tight fit – I had to get a Stanley knife to cut off the USB port just so I could squeeze it in there.” It did, however, make for one of Rudeism’s cleanest builds.

It was also one of his easiest builds because it just “piggybacked onto the existing circuit board”. Getting everything into the controller was the hardest part, and they had to “install a whole new controller and 3D print a mount for it, as well as add new electronics for the shoulder buttons.”

Rudeism is no stranger to unique controller creations, like he recently beat Dark Souls 3 with Morse code, and once played Overwatch on a diet of bananas.

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Adam Bankhurst is a reporter for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter @AdamBankhurst and on Tic.

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