Some PC and console games might see more in-game ads




It seems like two of the game’s most hated concepts are joining forces: EA and Ads. According to a report from Axios, a platform called playerWON (not the PlayerWonTV streaming service) is teaming up with companies like EA and Hi-Rez Studios for what appear to be nefarious reasons.

Well, bad for everyone involved who isn’t EA, Hi-Rez Studios, and playerWON. If you’ve played mobile games, especially free-to-play games, you’re probably familiar with in-game ads. This type of ad is what you might see from this partnership in the future.

Some ads on mobile games sort of appear and you can close them after a few seconds. There’s also the kind that you can voluntarily open for in-game rewards, like premium currency or more energy or something like that.

This feature is what playerWON tries to capture with its in-game ads, although the rewards are more likely appropriate for console games, such as cosmetics or other perks.

playerWON is operated by Simulmedia, a TV advertising company, which has apparently done marketing research and testing over the past year to support this initiative they are taking.

Now, COGconnected is not a marketing company, but we have seen cases where video games have pushed in-game ads and it doesn’t go well. Maybe the vague glimpse of this plan mixed with the concept of in-game ads just gives us the wrong idea, but it sounds like something companies shouldn’t be doing if they’re going to win or stay in favor of gamers.

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