SNK’s ‘The King of Fighters XV’ Reveals 6 DLCs Coming to First Half of 2022 – What to Expect on the Roadmap

SNK’s “The King of Fighters XV” will be released soon this year after a long wait, and it’s coming in the middle of this Valentine’s Day season, with an announcement for six DLCs earlier this year. There would be six characters coming for the first half of the year, with three introductions starting in March and three for May completing two teams.

SNK’s ‘The King of Fighters XV’ 6 new DLCs for 2022


SNK’s Global has announced that a new batch of DLC is coming for 2022, including three for TEAM GAROU and three for TEAM SOUTH TOWN. The Garou team will arrive in March, bringing people like Howard Rock, Gatoand B.Jennet to the team. These three characters will arrive a few weeks after the official debut of the game on the market.

On the other hand, The South Town team will come later in May, and it will feature one of the most well-known names in video game history, Geese Howard. Yes, that’s the same Geese Howard who joined “Tekken 7” as a DLC character, now famous as an unorthodox player with a unique moveset and skill set when using it.

Joining Geese are Billy Kane and Ryuji Yamazaki in South Town.

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SNK releases 6 more DLCs at the end of 2022

The “KOF XV” DLC announcement is massive for the game that hasn’t even been released to the public yet, and is now poised to attract some popular names in the gaming community. In the SNK trailer, there would be a total of 12 DLCs coming, and the other half will come later in the year. It will focus its releases on fall and winter 2022, with each having a team and three players to join.

King of Fighters XV

(Photo: SNK GLOBAL via Twitter (@SNKPofficial))

SNK’s “King of Fighters XV”

SNK is a classic Japanese arcade game maker that includes popular titles such as “Metal Slug”, “Fatal Fury“, “Dead or Alive” and of course, “The King of Fighters”. Most of the games under SNK are franchises that began their emergence in the early 90s and still feature its beloved game mode in this that he now offers.

The company initially confirmed ‘KOF XV’ with the series of trailers for its upcoming and returning characters, creating excitement for gamers until its release in 2022. Nevertheless, ‘The King of Fighters’ is culminating now. with SNK’s popular arcade games, bringing some of the famous names from those games to all-in-one fighting gaming.

SNK’s “The King of Fighters XV” rivals that of Bandai Namco’s “Tekken 7”, and the former faced several shortcomings in its releases, unlike the “Tekken” franchise.

However, the game brings the neo-retro vibes from the past. Still, it fits the latest quality and technology available to man, especially for what it offers on this upcoming release.

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