Sega Mini Drive Mini 2 Confirmed Games List

The release of the NES Classic Edition six years ago ushered in an era of blissful reverie filled with nostalgia for veteran gamers and retro enthusiasts alike. Many thought that Nintendo would continually surprise its fans with new generations of mini consoles, but the initial expectations were unfortunately short-lived. After the introduction of the SNES Classic and the fiasco Sony suffered in its attempt at PlayStation Classic, Sega saw the opportunity to reveal the Genesis Mini just months before the pandemic hit. Fast forward to 2022, and the Japanese company has announced the Mega Drive Mini 2 and several games that will be installed with the system.

Inspired by the positive reception of the Genesis Mini and Game Gear Micro, which was exclusive to Japan, Sega ultimately decided to continue building on the unprecedented success of its mini consoles. Due to chip shortages and inflation that became a crushing obstacle at the height of the pandemic, the company opted to focus solely on the Japanese market, despite the fact that the original hardware is faring much better. In Occident.

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What is the Mega Drive Mini 2?

Apart from Sega’s decision to practically combine two retro systems into one, as the successor to the Genesis Mini, Mega Drive Mini 2 has undergone some hardware changes. Although visibly smaller than the first version, the console is more powerful, benefiting from an improved card performance, increased memory and two sound sources. In keeping with the wide selection of games, users will be able to choose between FM and PSG sounds. The issue with the MODE button has also been resolved, allowing players to adjust the functionality of the button to their liking.

Like its predecessor, the upcoming mini console will be powered by a micro USB cable while outputting 720p resolution via HDMI. While the interface will feature familiar quick save slots and couch co-op, Sega’s second iteration of the Miniature Genesis will only feature a single controller. Fortunately, Mega Drive Mini 2’s masterful design and impeccable attention to detail ensure that the original USB controllers remain compatible with the device alongside new and old cosmetic add-ons.

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While there’s no indication when or if the Mega Drive Mini 2 will eventually be released as the Sega Genesis 2 in North America, gamers interested in purchasing the system can look to select Japanese retailers for it. ‘import. Since the number of units available is limited, the rarity is likely to hurt the upgraded version of the original Genesis Mini. Even if Sega decides to expand the console’s availability in an international market, fans can expect to see an overhaul of the current game lineup, as a number of titles would not make the transition overseas in due to potential licensing issues and regional exclusivity.

Every game confirmed for the Mega Drive Mini 2

During the official reveal, Sega revealed that 50 games would be preloaded with Mega Drive Mini 2, some of which were only released in Japan. The fact that the system will house both Mega Drive and Mega-CD titles is perhaps the most shocking aspect, especially since the Sega CD was something of an obscure add-on that didn’t appeal to many. attention at the time. In addition to the addition of several unique entries, the available games are likely to display a 50:50 aspect ratio.

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Of the 11 titles announced, sonic the hedgehog makes its appearance in its CD format. The rest of the Mega-CD range includes Silpheeda space-themed shooter with pre-rendered polygons and backgrounds. Brilliant Force CDwhich happens to be a remake of two versions of Game Gear with additional content, was closely followed by Mansion of Hidden Souls, an FMV adventure in which players explore a haunted house. Meanwhile, Popful Mail added more variety to the action-packed Sega CD entries with its platform design and RPG elements.

One of the first two-player arcade games, Bonanza Brothers, was included in the Mega Drive portion of the reveal. Alongside a popular first-person RPG, shine in the darkness, Thunder Force IV also made the cut, delighting fans with NEO GEO shooters and graphics left, right, and center. The arcade entrance powered by SVP, Virtual racesurprised players almost as much as Magic Tarurutoa side-scrolling platformer from the creators of Pokemon, whose grand debut was first captured on the Famicom (NES) and Game Boy. However, undoubtedly the most exciting part of the announcement was the special port of Fantastic areaa multi-directional arcade shooter previously unavailable on both featured platforms.

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