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Build your deck, explore Gilded Age America, and wow your audience to become the tycoon of a circus empire like the world has never seen!

Klabater and Juggler Games are proud to announce that their new deck-building game, The Amazing American Circus, will be released on Steam, GOG, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch on September 16. With a solid catalog of sims and strategy games under their belt, Klabater and Juggler Games have added deckbuilding to the mix. Their new blend of a Slay the Spire-style card game with tycoon and simulation mechanics means strategic thinking and careful management of resources are essential to successfully becoming America’s greatest showman.

Golden age

Welcome to Gilded Age America – an iconic time during the last days of the Wild West when weird and wonderful troupes of circus performers wowed crowds across the continental United States. But times are changing, and as civilization draws closer, this could be the last chance for your dilapidated circus to flourish! Discover strange America where history mingles with magical realism and ethnic folklore. Meet mythical creatures such as the Wendigo and the BigFoot. Meet historical figures such as Susan B. Anthony, Nikola Tesla and Queen Victoria. Play your cards right and you might just be able to win the crown of PT Barnum’s greatest showman himself.

Get on the ring

Manage your entire camp, organize shows and expand your circus. But beware, the public will be jaded, capricious and extremely bored, to amaze them will not be easy! But with over 15 types of circus performers to recruit and train, over 100 modifications to make to your circus trailer, and 4 vast regions of the United States to roam, you’ve got all the cards in your hand to build a deck. winner and put his jaw on it. floor. However, don’t forget to strategize and assess the mood of the crowd before you play your hand; a single card could cause cheers or taunts.

Thanks to the Poux du Lot

“We also want to thank all of our kickstarters, beta testers and testers who have stepped into The Amazing American Circus so far this year and given us invaluable feedback, opinions and material, almost all of which have already been. implemented in the final version of the game. And with a spectacular Patryk Scelina soundtrack inspired by classic circus music and American country and folk to help bring the era to life, we can’t wait for our players build their decks and create the greatest spectacle in the world. Thanks to you, we ‘Not only will we improve the gameplay, but we will also have the chance to promote and show the game at industry events, including Gamescom in Cologne. We can’t wait to finally get the game in your hands in a few weeks! – Michał Gembicki, Deputy Managing Director of Klabater

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