Rockstar’s GTA+ Subscription Service Might Launch On PC

A job posting says developer Rockstar Games will eventually launch its GTA+ subscription service for Grand Theft Auto Online on PC.

Details in a job posting suggest rock star games seeks to expand its GTA+ services for grand theft auto online at the computer. Rockstar announced the GTA+ membership program late last month, just days before the subscription was available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. The premium subscription model offers a price of $6 per month, which grants users access to member-only discounts, vehicle upgrades, exclusive rewards, RP and in-game credit bonuses, as well as a monthly deposit of GTA 500,000 $.

GTA+ also features unique Shark Maps and the ability to claim properties in the Los Santos area. Notably, the latter unlocks previous gameplay updates that players may have missed. A lot GTA online regulars were quick to express their frustration with the announcement, regardless of the benefits. A group of players even boycotted GTA online the daytime service was launched, making clear their disdain for the existence of a paid subscription for a game that already costs money. However, Rockstar Games and publisher Take-Two Interactive apparently have no plans to reverse the trend.


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A job posting on the official Rockstar Games careers page, spotted by Tech4Gamers, hints that GTA+ could eventually migrate to PC. The posting in question shows the company’s interest in hiring a product manager for GTA+ subscriptions. Whoever the studio hires to lead the program’s growth will help drive the “implementing features on our own web storefronts [and] our computer application“, the section “What we do” reads in part. So it is clear that GTA online controversial subscription model will remain for the foreseeable future.

How to Unlock GTA Plus Subscription Rewards

Of course, the job description for the product manager is lacking in detail, which means details such as when the PC version may launch and how its offerings will compare to the console ones are currently unknown. If the GTA+ service receives an expansion in the future, it will be interesting to see how PC gamers react to the news.

There is currently no word on how grand theft auto online GTA+ membership works on current-gen PlayStation and Xbox platforms. rock star games and Take-Two have yet to detail the number of early adopters, but the apparent interest in expanding to PC might tell the story. Either the new GTA+ subscription model works so well on consoles that it guarantees the ability to reach a wider audience, or the membership is so low that expansion has become a necessity.

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GTA+ is currently available on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Rockstar Games (via Tech4Gamers)

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