Rick and Morty: Breaking Down the Events in Rick: A Mort Well Lived

rick and morty season six has kicked off with a bang and looks set to live up to the high expectations set around the popular anime series. The early episodes were filled with all the irreverent classics, meta-humor, and surprisingly heartfelt moral insights that fans have come to love.

The most recent episode, “Rick: A Dead Well Lived“, was a thrilling, action-packed ride that saw characters go up against a gang of alien terrorists in a familiar location. As co-creator Justin Roiland explained in a recent interview, season six will likely have more canon content than the previous one. While the setting and some plot points of Episode 2 are familiar, its action has little to do with setting larger storylines, which was Refreshing after the relatively hefty season premiere, do the events of “Rick: A Mort Well Lived” mean moving forward?


Blips and Chitz will probably be banned from now on

“Rick: A Mort Well Lived” takes place at Blips and Chitz, an arcade-style establishment first introduced in the episode “Mortynight Run”. It features a wide variety of weird sci-fi games aimed at entertaining alien life from all corners of the galaxy.

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Although Rick has been a longtime customer of Blips and Chitz, and his grandchildren have also come to love the establishment, it seems the arcade is officially off the list of potential destinations for future episodes. Alien terrorists destroyed the building including many games. Rick probably won’t want to go back to a place where he nearly lost his life, especially since his two grandchildren were also put in life-threatening situations. In all likelihood, it will still be a long time before fans see Blips and Chitz featured on the show.

Morty lost a key part of his personality in the form of the NPC Marta Morty

“Mortynight Run” also introduced fans to an arcade game called Roy: A Life Well Lived. In the game, users take on the role of the titular Roy and live their entire lives as a man while only a few moments pass in the real world. In “Rick: A Mort Well Lived”, Morty is trapped in the game after the terrorist attack compromises Blips and Chitz’s electrical central computer. In order to save his grandson, Rick enters this game as Roy. He then attempts to convince the entire planet of NPC characters that they are all extensions of Morty’s subconscious so that everyone boards spaceships and flies beyond the confines of the game, restoring Morty’s mind.

Although it takes time and a lot of virtual calamity, Rick finally manages to convince the planet that they are all part of Morty. However, the NPC, who was his second-in-command in the simulated universe, a woman named Marta, stays behind, and Rick allows her to live out her life in the faulty universe. Roy console. Marta was instrumental in convincing the planet to go along with Rick’s plans, but she also fights tooth and nail against him, at one point starting a civil war to keep her fellow NPCs on Earth.

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It stands to reason that Marta represented the small part of Morty that is willing to stand up to his stubborn grandfather. Fans speculated that Marta staying behind would ultimately lead to Morty being more subservient in the future.

Summer learned to do a Die Hard unconditional

rick and morty always appreciated a bit of referential humor. Early season six trailers teased the parody that ultimately unfolded in “Rick: A Mort Well Lived” when Rick informed his granddaughter Summer that in order to defeat a team of terrorists, she would have to”. .. make a die hard.” Unfortunately, Summer hadn’t seen die hard. However, this ends up working in her favor, as the alien terrorists expect her to act exactly like John McClane in the movie and are surprised when she doesn’t.

Interestingly, the recent episode’s references to die hard are likely a reference to series co-creator Dan Harmon and his obsession with the franchise. Harmon uses a strict storytelling formula in his scriptwriting, drawing inspiration from The Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell“, a theory that suggests that all tales follow a similar set of steps. die hard movies are a prime example of this archetype.

There is much more rick and morty madness is yet to come in season six, and the showrunners have suggested that the coming years will see the series churning out episodes at a rate that far exceeds the schedule of previous installments. If “Rick: A Mort Well Lived” is any indication, this new season could potentially be one of the best yet.

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