Registration could be coming to Nintendo Switch

If the internet’s guess is correct, we might have a Nintendo Switch version of the psychological horror game, Registration, soon! There hasn’t been a major announcement yet, but an eagle-eyed netizen noticed something interesting while browsing PEGIthe official European video game content rating system.

Whereas Registration was originally released in 2021 for PC, it also got a PlayStation version very recently. On August 30, the game arrived on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It’s not unreasonable to think that it could eventually make its way to Nintendo Switch. Further proof came when Twitter user @gemucafe noticed that the Nintendo Switch version was listed on PEGI along with the PlayStation versions. It has the wrong date, listed as the October 1 launch, but again, both PlayStation versions have the wrong dates as well. They are listed as released on August 1 instead of August 30. Maybe we can extrapolate and hope for an October 30 release date, but we really can’t say for sure.

Registration was developed by Daniel Mullins Games, the creator of pony island. Although it sounds fun, pony island was about an arcade game possessed by the Devil, tricking players into giving up their souls forever! Registration is equally dark and creative, but instead of an arcade game, it takes the form of an interesting card game. Framed as a found footage style perspective, a vlogger plays with an old deck of cards, having learned nothing from Jumanji Apparently. When a map lists the coordinates the curious vlogger decides to track down. He continues a computer game he finds there, paused on a floppy disk. The game within the game takes place in a creepy cabin with a shadowy dealer named Leshy.

There are rules to the cards, of course, and they feature a few woodland creatures. However, the most interesting thing about Daniel Mullins Games video games are the wild and never-before-seen twists. Between card games, you can explore the cabin for clues. Chatting with other trapped souls helps you unravel the mystery, but then you reach a new level of the game! There’s even a moment when the vlogger contacts the game’s developer. From there, he has to deal with a hostile force: GameFuna, the developer.

It’s full of weird psychological horror, but it’s also great fun. The game received great feedback, and a Nintendo Switch version would surely not be lost. Hopefully the PEGI results aren’t a mistake! In the meantime, if you’re looking for another fantastic indie game to play, here’s a list of 45 more.


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