Real-world arcade seen in The Last of Us 2 stops

No matter what we think The last of us 2, there is one thing that is absolutely undeniable: it is a technical marvel. From The last of us 2from the physics of cables and ropes to its recreation of Seattle, it’s almost amazing how realistic they are. Of course, it wasn’t just all of the big things, but the little things the game did well about Seattle as well.

This includes a playroom where Ellie fights one of the The last of us 2infected bloating. It’s a tough fight, but more importantly here it takes place against the backdrop of a crumbling and dilapidated arcade. This particular arcade was based on a real location and a real arcade in Seattle known as GameWorks Seattle. As unique as this feature is, GameWorks Seattle has officially closed its doors.


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First reported by GamesRadar, it appears GameWorks Seattle closed on December 23. There are currently many tweets about memorabilia from this particular arcade. Some reports said this was due to a liquidation, and on December 24, GameWorks said the past 20 months have seen business turn around and the slow economic recovery has led to its shutdown, according to a KIRO 7 News Staff report at Seattle.

Kotaku was also able to confirm from a Las Vegas location that GameWorks, like the rest of the company, was shutting down, meaning every location is shutting down or has also shut down. This is unfortunate but hardly unknown, as the pandemic continues and affects all industries, including the video game industry. Indeed, this resulted in several delays, in particular Final fantasy 16, over the past two years or so.

While many fans of these places may be upset, being immortalized in The last of us 2 is a strong step in the history and the belt of the company. Sadly, the company has suffered from mismanagement for some time, according to Kotaku, but it’s unclear how and if this played a role in the shutdown.

The future of GameWorks is unfortunately mapped out, but The last of us is not. Probably delayed if not canceled, there have been rumors of a Last of us 2 standalone multiplayer for quite some time, and while it’s not known to be in development, many would like to see The Last of Us 3 one day. Perhaps the memory of this arcade will continue in one of them.

The last of us 2 is available on PS4.

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Source: Radar games, KIRO, Kotaku

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