PS5 UK stock – live: today’s restock dates and news from Argos, Very, Game and more


PS5 disc install problem seems to come back

UPDATE: The PS5 could drop to Very and Argos this week. Read on for more information.

The PS5 arrived almost a year ago in the UK on November 19, 2020, but supply issues and a global semiconductor shortage have significantly slowed production of Sony’s new gaming console. New stock is still pretty hard to find, and when it does appear, the PS5 sells out almost instantly, both online and in stores.

November got off to an extremely slow start when it comes to PS5 restockings. Last week we only saw John Lewis & Associates, Game and ShopTo declining stocks. We hope that will improve though. Towards the end of October, we had nine massive falls of Asda, Studio, John Lewis & Associates, Very, Littlewoods, Argos, Hamleys, Game and AO. As we run into the PS5’s one-year anniversary, let’s just hope November starts to deliver.

If you’re still looking for a PS5, you’ve come to the right place. Our liveblog is here to give you the latest information on Playstation 5 restocking from all major UK retailers, both online and in store, as well as providing details on release rumors, as well as the latest games. and PS5 accessories to buy.

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Check the UK PS5 retailer stock below:


A goodbye from your resident PS5 stock trackers

(The independent)

This has been another stinky bag of nothing here on the PS5 blog, with no console in sight. But don’t worry too much – Mondays are usually pretty quiet, and restockings could start to drop tomorrow, with a Very the fall being a real possibility.

As usual, we’ll be back here tomorrow morning to bring you all live stock updates as we get them. Join us here for more console tracking fun. G’night for now!

Alex leeNovember 8, 2021 5:00 PM


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Alex lee8 November 2021 16:30


PlayStation Direct is coming to the UK soon

It’s official! PlayStation Direct is coming “soon” to the UK. Sony’s official online store has been operating for years and years in the US, selling the new PS5 direct to US customers, but here in the UK we’ve had to rely on stores like Very and Smyths Toys to pack a new console.

Not for long. Soon UK customers will be able to buy a Sony PS5 as well, which will give us another retailer to follow! PlayStation Direct launched in Germany today and is expected to arrive in the UK in the near future. Hopefully it will arrive before the console’s first anniversary.

Alex leeNovember 8, 2021 3:45 PM


Best PS5 accessories – dualsense charging station


OK, this is certainly not the most exciting PS5 accessory in the world, but it is certainly one of the most useful.

“While there are some unofficial solutions, this official docking station looks the best,” praised our editor in his review of the best PS5 accessories. “Just pop in a controller or two and the charging station charges them quickly while keeping them out of your way and looking great under your TV. “

You may need to find space for this, but we think it’s worth it, and “you won’t have to worry about regularly plugging your controllers into the console to recharge them.”

For more, read our roundup of the best PS5 accessories below.

Alex leeNovember 8, 2021 3:00 PM


Need an Xbox Series X?

The PS5 isn’t the only console that is ridiculously difficult to secure. Have a thought for our Xbox Series X friends who are on the wrestling bus with us.

If you’re in the market for an Xbox Series X as well as a PS5, we invite you to follow our Live Xbox Replenishment Updates, where we bring you all the news, drops and forecasts in real time. .

Alex leeNovember 8, 2021 2:00 PM


The first Black Friday offers on Nintendo Switch

It’s not even Black Friday yet and the Nintendo Switch bundles have already started to arrive! Amazon kicked off its Black Friday shopping extravaganza this morning and while we haven’t seen any deals on the PS5s, we have seen some on the Switch.

You can currently get a Neon Red / Neon Blue Nintendo Switch bundle with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for £ 298.99 ( This is the lowest we have ever seen this package.

Alex leeNovember 8, 2021 1:00 PM


When could Amazon PS5’s stock go down?

(The independent)

It’s more and more difficult to predict Amazon restocked in recent months. The retailer had a very predictable once-every-two-week drop pattern, but since September those regular replenishment intervals have been kicked out of the window.

We still hold on to the model, eager for him to come back. Amazon last restocked the PS5 on October 27, so theoretically it should be restocked on Wednesday this week. Fair warning – Amazon waited a full month for October’s drop in the latest storage consoles on September 29.

Alex lee8 November 2021 12:00


Could AO PS5 stock drop this week?

AO is another retailer we have an eye on this week. It’s not the easiest retailer to store, with people literally having to tweak the website code to put it in their shopping cart. but it seems to have small, sporadic drops quite frequently.

He had four small drops last month – October 1, 4, 16 and 19. We’re also planning other small restockings this month, and yes, you’ll probably have to tweak the website code using the Google Chrome trick.

For a full explanation of the Google Chrome trick, check out the AO entry in our main guide to PS5 actions.

Alex leeNovember 8, 2021 11:05 AM


A Very PS5 replenishment could take place tomorrow

Very The last time the PS5 was restocked on October 19, it typically drops consoles every three to four weeks. This means he’s in a prime position to have another replenishment this week.

Very seems to go down most often on a Tuesday, but we have I saw it restocking a previous Wednesday. If it drops tomorrow, expect it to restock between 9am and 10am. You will be placed in a waiting room for approximately half an hour before entering the main stage. Restocks typically take around three hours, so this is a good retailer to choose.

Alex leeNovember 8, 2021 10:10 AM


Could the stock of Argos PS5 drop this week?

Argos is one of the few retailers where the ever-reliable @ PS5StockAlertUK Twitter account has insider knowledge. He still successfully predicts an Argos replenishment date, so we’re pretty confident with him as a source.

According to the stock tracker, the retailer has received stock shipments in the past few days – it typically hands out consoles to Argos hubs over the weekend and early in the week. It could be uploaded any day between Tuesday and Friday.

The retailer last ditched the PS5 in the last week of October, with the stock going online in stores and online around 8 a.m., although some people may have checked in around 4 a.m.

Alex leeNovember 8, 2021 9:15 AM

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