PS5 stock – live: Currys, Very and Game restocks continue, here’s where to buy a console today

<p>Looking for the elusive console?  Here’s where you can buy it today </p>
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Looking for the elusive console? Here’s where you can buy it today

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Update August 3: The PS5 is in stock at Game, To analyse, curriesthe BT Shop and EE. It is also available for pre-order on Very for delivery later this month. Read on for more information.

Since its launch in 2020, the PlayStation 5 has been ridiculously difficult to pick up. Supply chain issues resulting from the coronavirus pandemic have all but halted production of Sony’s latest games console.

Thankfully, the stock situation has improved dramatically in recent months, with PS5 bundles readily available from at least one retailer since late April, with Game and BT Shop, as well as several independent retailers like The Game Collection and Scan leading the way.

This avalanche of console restocks continued throughout July, and we expect it to remain largely in stock throughout August and into September. But while restocks have become more frequent, buying a console on its own remains a challenge, with retailers preferring to restock bundles rather than the standalone console – those sell out in the blink of an eye. We only started seeing digital console bundles hitting stores last month, but even those have since dried up.

If you’re still on the hunt for the elusive PlayStation 5, we’ve got a tip for you: sit back on this live blog and watch your real-time alerts. Our goal is to guarantee you a next-gen machine, whether it’s a bundle, standalone disc or digital edition console, as well as providing you with the details on the best games and accessories to grab with your new console, plus the latest game reviews.

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Check PS5 UK retailer stock below:

Check US PS5 retailer stock below:


Logging out of the live blog

That ends another day and we leave things pretty much as we found them this morning. PS5 Disc Edition consoles are widely available as part of bundles from multiple retailers. These include Game, Scan, Currys, the BT Shop and EE.

The console bundles are also available for pre-order from Very for delivery later this month, and some lucky Amazon customers have received invites to make their purchase through the retailer’s new queue system.


These are the new PS5 games to get excited about in August

Bought a PS5 and now wondering what games to buy? Well, we’ve got good news for you, as we’ve just updated our guide to all the biggest games coming to PS5 through 2022 and 2023 – and August is shaping up to be a very busy month indeed.

Of Worship of the Lamb and Cursed at golfat Soul Hackers 2 and Responsible for F1 2022There’s plenty here to give your Dualsense controller a thorough workout over the next few weeks. Or maybe you should go out for a bit instead.

Here are our highlights for new PS5 games to watch this month:

  • Two-point campusAugust 9 (£34.99,
  • Worship of the Lamb, August 11 (£19.99,
  • Rollerdrome, August 16 (
  • Cursed at golf, August 18 (
  • We are OFK, August 18 (
  • Crazy 23, August 19 (£69.99,
  • Saints RowAugust 23 (£59.99,
  • I was an exocolonist teenager, August 25 (
  • Soul Hackers 2August 26 (£54.99,
  • Responsible for F1 2022, August 30 (£36.95,
  • Encryption, August 30 (£15.99,

And here’s our complete guide to the new games coming to PS5 through 2022 and 2023:


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Hughes got a PS5 restock

There are currently three PS5 bundles available from electronics retailer Hughes, but as of this writing, one is nearly sold out, with just five units remaining.

This particular bundle is priced at £659.94 and includes the PS5 Disc Edition, plus an additional Dualsense controller, Gran Turismo 7Sony PS5 Media Remote, Dual Controller Charger and HD Camera.

For the same price, Hughes also offers a bundle including the console, controller, charging station and media remote, plus FIFA 22.

Finally, for £699.95 there’s a Hughes PS5 bundle with the console, extra controller, Pulse 3D gaming headset, Gran Turismo 7 and FIFA 22.


This PS5 bundle is available today from Studio

Studio is another retailer with PS5 stock available today. We spotted this bundle which includes a PS5 Disc Edition, plus Forbidden Horizon West and an additional Dualsense controller for £559.99.


EE customers can add a PS5 to their monthly bill

EE is another telecom that helps customers secure PS5 consoles. Here, subscribers can add a PS5 to their monthly bill and spread the cost over 11 months. There are currently two packs available this way. The first includes a PS5 Disc Edition and a second Dualsense controller for £20 upfront then £45 per month for 11 months, for a total cost of £515.

Above is a console with a second controller and an official controller charging station. It costs £20 upfront, then £48 per month for 11 months, for a total price of £548.


How to get a PS5 voucher code from BT

As we said before, BT lends a helping hand to its customers when it comes to securing a PS5. Instead of opening the virtual doors and facing a rush like other retailers, BT sends unique voucher codes to its customers.

If you’re a BT TV customer, for example, or a BT Sport subscriber, you can request to receive a PS5 voucher code. These are emailed sporadically and can be used to access a PS5 whenever the BT store has consoles in stock. You still have to pay the normal price, of course, but this system is a convenient way to reward BT customers and give them a better chance of getting a console.

To obtain an access code, BT broadband customers can go to and log into their account area.


BT customers have exclusive access to these PS5 bundles

As has been the case for a few months now, BT is giving its existing customers a helping hand with purchasing PS5 consoles. These customers receive an access code that allows them to purchase PS5 consoles exclusively through the BT online store.

The console can’t be bought on its own, but BT’s bundle prices start at just £409.99 for the PS5 Digital Edition with a download code for Forbidden Horizon West. BT says it has over 50 of these bundles in stock and standard delivery takes between one and three days. Express next day delivery is available for an additional charge.

BT Shop is also offering the PS5 Digital Edition with a second Dualsense controller (and no games) for £419.97, and three PS5 Disc Edition Packs for £508.98-£549.97. The latter includes a second controller and Forbidden Horizon West.


Currys has nine PS5 bundles ready to buy right now

Currys might just have more PS5 stock than anyone right now, with nine different bundles up for grabs today. The console unfortunately cannot be purchased on its own, and no digital edition is available, but there seems to be plenty of stock nonetheless.

The cheapest Currys PS5 bundle costs £679 and includes the console with a second Dualsense controller, Steelseries gaming headset, Forbidden Horizon West and Lego Star Wars. For 20€ more, Lego Star Wars is exchanged for Gran Turismo 7and there’s another identical pack, also for £699, but with the second Dualsense controller in black instead of white.

For £729, Currys has the same package, but with Lego Star Wars returned (that’s three games and two controllers).


Only one PS5 bundle is currently available from Scan

Computer and electronics retailer Scan only has one PS5 bundle available at the moment, and it’s pretty pricey. That said, it comes with 1TB of extra storage and a Sabrent heatsink designed to keep your PS5 cool when gaming. The bundle also includes a disc editing console, a second Dualsense controller and Forbidden Horizon West. It’s priced at £739.99 and is available for next day delivery.

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