Postal 3 can “rest in p***” as it dies a Steam death

The developer of Postal 3 (but not really) Running With Scissors is celebrating the death of the controversial action game, after a surprise Steam removal hit it thanks to DRM issues. This bombastic farewell follows the initial launch of Postal 3 over a decade ago in 2011, as the project has been in the public eye ever since thanks to its launch state and complicated development history.

Running With Scissors commemorated the event hoping that Postal 3 can “rest in the piss”, as the studio adds that the “DRM issues on Steam” over which it had no control as it does not have access on the page mean that the controversial third-party shooter can no longer be purchased on the platform.

Steam reviews also came out of the woodwork in equal parts celebration and mourning (although we suspect morning doesn’t take that too seriously), so we thought we’d correlate some of the highlights.

In memory of Postal 3 on Steam

“Luigi is not playable [product refunded]– Godot

“It was either her or Postal 3. I regret everything” – Wario Gaming

“Obviously everyone hates this game. I just thought it was really funny how during the mail sale they discounted every game except this one. – Xedim

“This is the game I’ve ever played” – Lovely_Uncle

“I’ll be honest. For the time I’ve played this game, I’ve really enjoyed it” – Sussy Stevens

“Just get Postal 2” – likendall98

“Goodbye, Postal 3. Unlike many other people, I will love you forever and ever, even after your inevitable death. Goodnight, sweet prince” – Robotblock1337

“I tried to play this game twice. I also paid it back twice. Take it as you want. Play Hunt Down the Freeman instead” – MangleMan25

“This game is so boring that my balls fell out” –

If you’re out of the loop, let us catch you. Post 3 is bad. Like really bad. Filled to the brim with bugs and glitches, the sequel to the intentionally overdone and offensive game wasn’t even created by series developer Running With Scissors, with the studio choosing to Rick Roll anyone trying to learn about it on their site. Internet.

After the initial release of Postal 3, Running With Scissors encouraged players to purchase other games in the series when they were removed from their own store, which followed revelations that Running With Scissors and publisher Akella had severed their relationship during development.

Naturally, there’s a lot more to the story than that, but from the get-go Running With Scissors didn’t consider it the real Postal 3, which is probably why they decided to celebrate its removal from Steam rather than to mourn him.

In an archived The Life Critic interview with Running With Scissors director Vince Desi from 2013, the storyline was described as follows: “some deals work, some don’t, Postal 3 failed for many reasons. Worst of all, we lost control of the project and shitfest began. Historically, we had a great relationship with Akella, our Russian publisher, and for the record, the people were good people and I consider them my friends, regardless of the postal fiasco.

“Once again, it’s a testament to Postal fans around the world who have shown their loyal support beyond all odds and all odds, keeping us going.”

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