Pokemon Fan Gets Amazing Pokemon Crystal Themed Custom Game Boy Color

An avid Pokemon fan creates his own custom Game Boy Color themed around Pokemon Crystal and his legendary Suicune.

Designing custom video game consoles is becoming a popular trend. From showing off their love for their console of choice by designing a unique shell, to producing a working prototype for a completely original creation, the sky’s the limit when it comes to talented fans. For example, a fan of Pokemon The franchise has designed an amazing custom Game Boy Color for a popular Legendary Pokemon.

This Pokemon is the Legendary Water-type Suicune, which first appeared in Pokémon Crystal. Pokémon Crystal was first released in 2000 on Game Boy Color before coming to 3DS in 2018. As a game released during the second generation of pokemon, it is largely remembered for the many features it added, such as breeding, a playable female trainer, and the ability to travel through Kanto.


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A Reddit fan named H3roOfTime9 recently showed off his custom, partner-themed Game Boy Color around Suicune and Pokémon Crystal. This Game Boy Color itself bears a striking resemblance to the original cartridge for pokemon crystall, as he shares the same teal coloring and the same translucent shell. The shell itself is decorated on the front with an image of Suicune reminiscent of a stained glass window.

The custom Game Boy Color isn’t just for display, as it lights up when in use. The area near the D-pad and buttons glows a shade of deep blue that matches the teal of the case. While there’s no information on whether H3roOfTime9’s partner has created any other custom console cases, the pair seem to be avid fans of the classic. Pokemon Games.

Custom cases for video game consoles aren’t just for fan designers. Several game companies have released limited edition versions of consoles featuring a popular character or symbol. Considering how quickly these consoles are selling, it’s no surprise that this custom Game Boy Color has become a hit with fans. Pokemon Fans. Nintendo itself has released many Pokemon-themed consoles over the series’ 26-year history, and they tend to become popular collectibles.

This awesome custom Game Boy is one of many creations from Pokemon Fans. From unique animations featuring Pokemon to simple fan art that depicts a fan’s favorite creature, the Pokemon The franchise has spawned several custom creations that the fan base continues to enjoy. With a new generation of Pokemon soon, a whole new community of Pokemon fans will likely appear to show off their own passion projects based on the series.

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Source: Reddit

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