PlayStation Live games will be cross-platform on PS5 and PC

Sony approaches its live service games correctly by releasing them on multiple platforms at once.


Sony wants out 12 live games on the market by 2025. It’s a big undertaking that will require experimentation, some growing pains, and likely failure and eventual adaptation. Despite the risks, Sony wants to try to capture the lucrative live games market that generated over $7.5 billion for PlayStation last year.

A big part of this live games plan is releasing the titles on multiple platforms. Sony confirms that it will release its games live simultaneously on PC and PlayStation consoles, which is a requirement to reach as many gamers as possible. Live service games live and die by player count and it is essential that they are available across multiple storefronts, platforms and mediums wherever possible.

In a recent interview with French YouTuber Julien Chieze, Head of PlayStation Worldwide Studios Hermen Hulst described the simple yet powerful approach:

“So in the case of our live service offerings, they will go day-to-day with the PlayStation and PC platform,” Hust said.

“Live service games are a little bit different in nature because you want to have really strong communities, strong engagement, right away, right when you go live.”

In the same interview, Hulst also said that more PlayStation 5 games are coming to PC. New PlayStation games would have a window of about a year on consoles before coming to PC.

“Going forward, we will see at least a year between releases on our own platform on PlayStation and on the PC platform.”

Hulst then talked about the new games Sony is working on, which amounts to more than two dozen projects. These games include live service titles and premium single-player AAA games on all platforms:

“25 is about the number of things we’re working on right now and I want to add to that…almost half of them are new ideas, new properties. So we’re a good mix to work in the most beloved franchises and come up with new ideas to keep things fresh.

“These are obviously in various stages of development. There are new projects that we are prototyping or have in conceptualization or pre-production stages.”

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