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Hi, I’m Howard, the team leader of Muse Games, the developer of Embr – a cooperative firefighting game (plus other side tasks) set in a hyper-capitalist alternate reality where services traditional emergencies are a thing of the past. !

Game jam in traffic jam – How Embr got his spark

Stuck in a horrible traffic jam returning from the MAGFest screening The cannons of Icaruswe had nothing to do, so what better way to spend some time than jamming on game ideas. We started to exchange ideas, and all of a sudden we remembered the arcade game Brave Firefighters that we all loved. In a moment of inspiration, we started to dissect what made this game so fun, and we realized that there hadn’t been a co-op firefighting attempt in a long time. The idea of ​​exploring the mechanics and the theme took root that day.

When we started gray boxing the basic mechanics of fighting fires and creating procedural shots, we knew we wanted to imbue it with a message, something meaningful and eliciting an emotional response. As the Los Angeles fires raged, we read of celebrities rescuing their mega-mansions with private firefighters. We read about the consequences of municipal budget cuts and the plight of workers in the gig economy. It all struck a chord, and we decided that was it. We felt the imperative to fashion the game as a satire aimed at venture capital and the odd-job economy, poking fun at what rampant privatization at the expense of the human condition might do to public services such as wrestling. against fires.

Fight fires, perform extra concerts and earn money

Embr is a frenzied co-op firefighting experience where players face an amorphous, ever-evolving, procedurally generated enemy – fire – up close. As Embr pays homage to the few pioneering forays such as Burning Rangers and Brave Firefighters, we innovate by forging deeply interconnected material systems and interactions, exploring the endless chaos these systems create while focusing on teamwork. .

As a team of Embr Respondrs, private firefighters, you will rush through burning buildings and face an array of deadly and dangerous dangers. Fire burns around you, spreading through flammable materials, eating oxygen and moisture from the environment as it goes. But that’s not your only risk. As Embr Responders, you also need to keep your eyes peeled for dangerous gas leaks, electric shocks, and deadly explosions. Profitable responders must balance five-star ratings, tool upgrades, and new vehicles with their own health and safety.

During the beta, Embr’s services expanded from private firefighting to food delivery, box delivery (because everyone needs more boxes), cleaning and demolition (sometimes customers need this insurance claim for a whole new start). As your own boss, you have complete freedom of choice to track or display your goals. How you choose to play or win money is completely up to you.

Frenzied multiplatform online cooperative

We’re excited to announce that Embr is coming to PS4 on September 23! Launching on PlayStation has been a dream come true for us. It is an online cooperative experience where the bond of friendship is forged by fire. If you have friends on PC or Xbox, Embr comes with cross-platform play so you can make money with them together.

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