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The long-awaited Super Marios Bros. Announces an awesome voice cast for Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Toad, Donkey Kong and many more.

Nintendo has announced an impressive cast for their upcoming Super Mario Bros. film, titled MARIO. Nintendo has partnered with Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment to produce a new animated film based on the popular video game series. The film is currently slated for a holiday release date of December 21, 2022.

Since the film’s announcement in 2017, news about its production has been quiet. Universal began its partnership with Nintendo early, opening Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan for the first time in 2021 with Universal Studios Hollywood, Epic Universe at Universal Orlando Resort, and Universal Studios Singapore expected to get their own releases in the future. Now the attention on the film is steaming because during the Nintendo Direct presentation they announced that Chris Pratt will be voicing Mario in the upcoming film.

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Nintendo also announced the rest of the MARIO during the Nintendo Direct presentation and on Twitter after the presentation. Charlie’s Day (It’s always nice in Philadelphia) will voice Mario’s younger brother, Luigi. Anya Taylor-Joy (The Queen’s Gambit) is about to express Princess Peach, Mario’s main love interest. Comedian Keegan-Michael Key (Key & Peel) will voice Toad while Jack Black (Rock school) will lend his voice to the iconic villain Bowser. Check out the casting announcement below:

The rest of the cast includes Seth Rogen (Blistered) like Donkey Kong and Fred Armisen (Portlandia) will voice Cranky Kong, who in the games canon is the original Donkey Kong that Mario encountered in the 1981 arcade game. Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco (Irish) will voice Spike, the foreman Mario and Luigi worked for in the game Demolition game and was the first real casting news, confirmed by Maniscalco himself in August 2021. Kevin Michael Richardson (Lilo & Stich) will voice villainous Kamek, who often acts as Bowser’s parent figure. Last but not least, Charles Martinet, who plays Mario in the games, will have a surprise appearance.

The cast is impressive and the characters featured present the film will draw on the vast history of Mario games. Notably absent from the lineup is any mention of Yoshi. Due to the character not speaking in the games, the film may not have chosen a high profile actor to voice the character and will instead use a more traditional voice actor or someone from the games. The presence of Donkey Kong and Cranky Kong could lead to a potential spinoff film, as Universal Pictures and Nintendo plan to develop more films after. super mario bros. The cast of a high profile comedic actor like Charlie Day not only works for a Mario film, but could also direct his own spinoff film as an adaptation of Luigi’s mansion. Nintendo spared no expense when it came to the casting of MARIO and what they’re hoping for is the start of a new era for video game movies.

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