Paradox is “happy with the progress” of Bloodlines 2, but will not reveal who does


During the Q&A section of Paradox Interactive’s Q3 Interim Report, the topic of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 inevitably came up. The question asked was simply: “Any news from Bloodlines 2 or its developer? To Paradox CFO Alexander Bricca responded: “The new developer is doing pretty well and we are now happy with the progress of the project, but we still have some time before we can start talking about release dates. “

When Bloodlines 2 was announced in 2019, it was being developed by Hardsuit Labs, but after two key team members were suddenly fired and another left, it was delayed indefinitely and handed over to another studio. Paradox has yet to announce which studio, and that won’t change anytime soon according to Bricca.

“We prefer to give the studio a situation where they can fully focus on developing the game,” he continued, “and not have to go to the fans who contact them. Therefore, we don’t have to. so far not disclosed the name of the studio and we are very happy to continue doing so for some time to come. “

Prior to that, Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester said Bloodlines 2 was almost completely canceled, until “we got a pitch that we thought was compelling enough to air.” He described the replacement studio as “a very successful and talented developer” who has already delivered a number of games.

There are a lot of studios that could be, but if you can put up with me while I fuel the speculation engines for a second, Paradox acquired Harebrained Schemes in 2018. The studio behind BattleTech and Shadowrun: Dragonfall has some experience with licensed games and RPGs, is based in Seattle as is Hardsuit Labs, and senior game designer Kevin Maloney lists him as his current employer after previously bouncing from Harebrained to join Hardsuit as a senior content designer on Bloodlines 2 in 2020.

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