Nvidia Brags It’s A Matter Of “When, Not If” Publishers Will Sign Up For GeForce Now


GeForce Now is perhaps one of the more affordable ways to get into PC gaming, especially in an age of out of control GPU prices. But despite its early success, some controversies over how the streaming service has conducted business with developers still prevent it from realizing its full potential.

Since the launch of the beta on PC in 2018, several game developers have decided to withdraw support for GeForce Now, with Capcom, Bethesda, Hinterland and Activision Blizzard among those that have pulled out (at least some games). These U-turns followed what Nvidia at the time called “misunderstandings”. So I submitted a few questions to Nvidia about GeForce Now, in an effort to clarify what exactly that meant.

When asked for an overview of what happened and why the game developers pulled out, Andrew Fear, senior product manager at GeForce Now, said this:

“There were a few publishers who wanted to try GeForce Now during our free beta period and then wanted more time to understand their cloud strategy once we started loading. Many have already joined GeForce Now, and we expect more to join months and years based on feedback from their users. “

What this highlights is Nvidia’s confidence in resuming business in the near future. In fact, Fear made it clear that Nvidia’s relationship with developers and publishers had “not at all” been affected by the previous incidents.

All of this is supported by discussions of “continuing discussions” with developers and publishers who have stepped down, stating that “for the most part it is about when, and not if, they will join GeForce Now”.

The number of GeForce Now users recently exceeded 10 million, with new users being added “every month, at a fairly constant rate”. So it looks like a bright future is looming for the game streaming service. But it’s still unclear whether these users will stick with the service if their favorite game is notably missing.

Hoping these publishers turn around and join us, because there’s no way I’m going to pay over a million for a fancy new GPU just to play the next big AAA release.

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