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July 19, 2021

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These days it seems like once a week you see something that makes you think, “Wow, I’m so old”. From 17-year-olds scoring goals at the European Championships to the GameStop-fueled meme stock frenzy that continues to this day, the world isn’t quite what it used to be.

One more thing to add to this list: the video game industry has officially overtaken the movie industry. Over the past three years, the digital games business has grown three times more than the counters, powered by 2.7 billion players worldwide. The multi-faceted industry earned a record $ 120.1 billion in 2019, fueled by $ 64.4 billion in mobile digital games, $ 29.6 billion in digital PC games, 15.4 billion dollars in console games, and more, shattering the $ 41 billion global box office. Not to mention that the numbers have skyrocketed again thanks to the global pandemic, which prompted bored homeowners to seek new means of entertainment.

Young people today prefer to play rather than watch movies, which presents a tempting opportunity for discerning investors. Rather than looking for the best gaming stocks, consider thinking about the big picture. There isn’t a single place that allows gamers to pursue their gaming, streaming, improvement, and socializing aspirations. So far.

Entertainment was once limited to live events and cinematic experiences, but PvP creates a bridge between home games, entertainment and community. Rather than chasing the best gaming titles, why not take this opportunity to invest on the ground floor?

What is PvP?

PvP is a social network built by players for players. Unlike Twitch, which is a streaming service for gamers, PvP is a true social community, the company says, equipped with a suite of apps and plugins that allow gamers to create squads, share streams and to be discovered by other players through their favorite games. and platforms. Gamers are a social group that are always looking for new ways to connect with friends, meet new ones, and play together. Where Twitch fails, PvP fills the void.

With PvP, players can invite their clan through each of their games to fully interact, connect, and grow together. Player-specific features like Squad Finder algorithmically match players across games, platforms, skill level and more to provide elite discovery tools to help grow networks users. The Twitch extension allows streamers to engage their audience, increase their subscriber base, and create connections between desktop apps, Android, iOS, and Twitch.

To date, PvP already has 116,000 users across mobile, desktop, and Twitch, and has active partnerships and promotions with Twitch, Fullscreen Media, Alienware, and Blerp that are helping to beat average user retention rates of the gaming industry. PvP is catching on, and you can also be a partner when you invest on the ground floor.

Why invest in PvP?

The gaming industry has a projected CAGR of 13.4% through 2023, which makes it poised for immense growth. With 125,000 registered users, 38,600 app installs and a 1,100% user growth rate during the beta phase, PvP is already showing its readiness to thrive on this industry growth. PvP’s aggressive customer acquisition plan will ultimately result in monetization through premium subscriptions, ads and data for programmatic targeting, according to the company.

PvP also beat the industry’s 27% 30-day retention rate with a 30.6% retention rate and saw an average engagement time twice the average for mobile apps. With a global market of 2.7 billion, an online multiplayer market of 562 million, and 21.5 million players in North America, even the conservative PvP market is significant.

Led by advisors and players with years of experience connecting players across international borders and cultural barriers, the organization is uniquely positioned to tap into this huge global market.

Stop looking for the best gaming stocks to capitalize on the global gaming boom. Instead, invest in PvP and reap the rewards of this growing industry in the long term.


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