Nintendo consoles that deserve LEGO sets like the NES


Nintendo and LEGO have released a set based on the NES for the console’s 35th anniversary, but they are expected to continue the line with more LEGO consoles.

Lego is a construction toy that thrives on its flexibility. The idea that people build whatever they want out of LEGO bricks is a worn-out piece of his marketing, spanning media such as Lego movie and Fox’s reality TV competition series LEGO Masters. However, the brand is also known for being able to represent almost any other popular culture icon: Star wars, Harry potter, jurassic park, etc. Nintendo got into the action with LEGO Super Mario sets released for the character’s 35th birthday, and next to those came the LEGO NES.

Based on the Nintendo entertainment system released in 1985 (after being released two years earlier as Famicom in Japan), the LEGO NES console comes with additional parts to build a controller, Super Mario Bros. cartridge and an interactive TV that scrolls through a streamlined level of the game. It also contained its own Easter Eggs, with the LEGO console hiding a recreation of the chain pipes of Super Mario Bros. World 1-2. This care would be great to see with some of Nintendo’s other consoles, especially since it looks like the LEGO Super Mario crossover will continue to develop.

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Living room consoles

Nintendo consoles predicting the successor of the Switch

The Super Famicom / NES has some of the most iconic games in Nintendo’s library: Super mario world, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Super Metroid among them. However, the console chassis is not too different from that of the NES. So the Nintendo 64 would probably be the next most interesting LEGO set in terms of building potential. Its cartridge could protrude from the top of the console and its tri-fold controller would be an interesting challenge.

Conversely, the GameCube wouldn’t be much of a challenge to build, even though its controller is a fan favorite for games like Super Smash Bros. The Wii deserves more of a LEGO set given its status as one of the best-selling consoles of all time. It might not be possible to include the system disks as a buildable component, but the Wii Remote and Nunchuk linked by a fabric LEGO chain could be a fun nod to the console.

In terms of modern corporate systems, the Switch would also be an obvious choice. Not only has it far surpassed the Wii U, approaching the Wii in that regard, but its design and the gadget of being able to remove Joy Cons would also translate well into LEGO parts to put together. It’s also more colorful, especially taking into account the recently announced Switch OLED model.

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Portable consoles

donkey kong pikachu mario zelda animal crossing

Just as the NES console serves as a testament to Nintendo’s history, deserving the LEGO treatment, so does the original Game Boy model. Its stocky design and green tinted screen are instantly recognizable. One idea that it might attempt to be less of a “simple” set is to include multiple game cartridges that could fit into the set and display their game across the screen like the LEGO NES television.

As fun as it may be to revisit more obscure devices like the shelves of Virtual Boy Grace toy stores in the form of LEGO sets, the next most likely candidate is the DS family of systems. Be it one of the many original DS models or devices like the 3DS and the new 3DS XL, these firmly established Nintendo as a leading developer in the handheld market during the era of the Wii. All of this would also come with the obvious construction challenge of including hinges that allow them to close.

Nintendo has a long history of handhelds before the DS, of course. Since the Game and Watch models were released for Mario and Zeldabirthdays, it might make sense for a LEGO variant to follow. The Game Boy Advance and its alternate models, the SP and Micro, are contenders as well, but admittedly they don’t have as many obvious attractions to becoming LEGO sets. Either way, it would be fun to see all of Nintendo’s consoles come into the Lego sphere, whether or not they have an interesting “gimmick” to build.

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