Nexon Opens Pre-Registration For Summer Sky’s Wishlist Event With Free Pyroxenes Up For grabs

Nexon brings good news for mobile anime fans Roleplay Blue Archives. Players can now pre-register to hang out in the sun with their favorite characters during the Blue Archive beach-themed in-game event Wishes from the summer skyt which will launch on Tuesday, February 22. At launch, all pre-registered players will receive an in-game currency reward of 1,200 pyroxenes.

Nexon also revealed the Blue Archive series update schedule, giving gamers a preview of the action and drama to come.

Starting today, eager attendees can pre-register for the event by completing a vacation request on the pre-registration website.

Nexon unveiled its roadmap of events for the coming months

Players will get a taste of summer early in “Summer Sky’s Wishlist”, thanks to an all-new storyline in which Sensei and the kids of Trinity General School take a well-deserved beach vacation. Swimsuit versions of the characters will also be available for a limited time.

Alongside the Blue Archive Summer Sky Wishlist event, Nexon also announced the update roadmap through April, giving players a preview of what’s in store for Spring 2022. Fans can expect updates for Head Girl Hina’s summer vacation and Play Tag in Neverland.

Picture via Nexon

Additionally, Blue Archive will introduce new characters Mashiro (swimsuit), Hina (swimsuit), Shiroko (cycling), and Shun (small). “Wizard System” (Total Assault), Main Story Vol. 3 “Eden Treaty Part 2”, “Tactical Challenge” Season 2 (Field Warfare) and the level cap expansion are all planned for future releases.

In short, players can expect more engaging content from Blue Archive in the upcoming spring and summer months. The game is already available on Android and iOS devices in 237 countries and supports multiple languages ​​including English, Korean, Thai, and Chinese (Traditional).

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